New FSB I-Banking

While many features about FSB I-Banking remain the same there are some changes and new features that will be added to give you a more intuitive navigation experience.

Accounts Tab

Many items previously under the Accounts tab have been moved to the Services tab:

  • Stop Payments, Financial Management, Check Order, Monthly Statement, eStatement Opt-in/out



Transfer/Loan Payments Tab



  • Transfer - transfer from one account to another (ex: Checking to Savings)

  • Loan Payment transfer a payment from one account to another to reduce the principal of a current loan (mortgage, credit card, etc.)
  • Loan Advance -  transfer funds from a loan account to another account 
  • Account to Account Transfer (external bank accounts) has been renamed to Transfer to External Account - Transfer to a bank account outside FSB
  • Customer to Customer Transfer (FSB Bank Accounts) has been renamed to Transfer to FSB Account - transfer to another customer at FSB
  • Scheduled Transactions - schedule  transfers between any of your FSB accounts that allow real-time transfers



Services Tab - NEW!

Many items previously found in the Accounts tab have been moved to the new Services tab.

  • Messages has been renamed to Email Bank – send a secure (SSL encrypted) message to be answered by FSB
  • Monthly Statement – view monthly statements from the last 18 months
  • Stop Payment – Request to stop payment on a particular check
  • Check Order – order new checks
  • eStatement Opt-in/Out – use this feature or opt in or out of monthly statements being sent to your email address
  • Calendar – Enables you to view your accounts in the context of an online calendar
  • Financial Management – set budgets & view a balance sheet



 User Settings – NEW!

The Customer Service tab has been renamed the User Settings tab.

  • Change Password
  • Customer Information - review the information FSB uses to contact you. If you need to change incorrect information, contact FSB.
    • Alternate Login - log onto Internet Banking using both your account number and an alternate login such as your first name.
    • Email Address - Provide FSB with your current email address.
    • Session Timeout Length - Control the length of time that your I-Banking session will remain active after a period of inactivity.
    • Custom Start Page - By default, your start page is set to the Balance However, you can select another start page.
  • Account History Preferences – change how you view your history page
  • Layout Manager – View multiple screens at one time
  • Account Nickname – Rename your accounts, i.e: Vacation Savings
  • Authentication Questions – set up three of your own questions and answers to help ensure the security of your User ID
  • Secure Login Download - set up an icon on your computer to use so you can go directly to the Internet Banking login
  • Login Statistics - view your last 60 days of transactions within Internet Banking
  • Banking Disclosures