How do I add a payee in Bill Pay?

Use this list of all payees to view all the payees you have set up. Use the arrows in the header bar to sort this list by payee name (alphabetical by first letter of the payee name), account number, or payment type (check or electronic).

Use the Payee List to:

  • Add a new payee (click Add Payee at the bottom of your payees list).
  • Select one or more current payees to pay.
  • Select any payees to be deleted from your active payees list.
  • Clicking the payee name shows a pop-up window with the details of the payee.

Add a New Payee

Click Add Payee at the bottom of the screen in the Payee to add a new bill payment recipient. Two choices appear.

Add Payee Manually

  • Name — Type the name of the payee as it should appear on the payment / payees address.
  • Remittance Address — The address where your bill should be sent (this might be different than the corporate address, check your most recent bill).
  • Phone number — It is optional to include a phone number for the payee, but this can be useful in case of billing questions.
  • Account # — The account number is optional for a personal payee (friend or neighborhood business). However, it is important to copy the account number exactly if you have one.


Search for Payee

You can use the list of payees provided by the bill payment settlement company. The advantages of searching this list to find your payee are:

  • Already pre-set up with addresses and everything needed but your account number.
  • Reduces errors from entering this information manually.
    Caution: Large corporations sometimes send bills from several different billing addresses. Double check a copy of your most recent statement to make sure the address matches before selecting a payee.
  • Select the payee by clicking the check box next to the payee and then the Select Payee button at the bottom of the page.
  • This takes you to a setup screen to enter your account number. For some electronic payees, there might be an error checking feature for the account number you enter. An Account Format field shows the acceptable account number formats for this biller. If your account number does not fit the format given, either search for another location for this payee in the payee search, or add the payee manually. The following example gives three possible account number formats:

Edit Payee

To edit or update this information, select the payee(s) using the check box on the payee list and click the “Edit Payees” to access the payee record and edit the payee(s).

 After all payees are set up you are ready to pay your bills. Click here for step by step instructions.