Card Safety Tips

  • Report a lost or stolen card immediately. Call us at 1-877-FSB-1879 during business hours, or Shazam (debit card) at 1-800-383-8000 or Visa (credit card) 1-800-453-4270 for after hours service, and they will be glad to help you.
  • Ensure your card is signed on the signature panel as soon as you receive it. 
  • Protect your cards as if they were cash. Do not leave them unattended anywhere, such as in a car, restaurant or at the beach. 
  • Never write down your PIN - memorize it.
  • Never disclose your PIN to anyone.  A financial institution, the police or a merchant should never ask for your PIN. You are the only person who should know it. 
  • When selecting a PIN, always avoid the obvious - your name, telephone number, or date of birth. 
  • Never give out private or personal information, including financial details, unless you can verify the identity of the person or organization contacting you.
  • Don’t respond to texts or emails coming from a contact you don't recognize, and don’t click on links. Instead, if you need to check on your account, type the site address you want visit into your browser and securely log into your account.
  • Don’t send money to strangers; scam artists often insist that you wire money, especially overseas, because it’s difficult to trace the transaction.
  • Keep an eye on your monthly statements. If your account information is stolen, fraudsters can use it to charge purchases or commit crimes in your name. Watch for unusual charges such as “membership fees” and other goods or services you didn’t authorize.