How do I add the I-Banking icon to my desktop?

The Secure Login Download Page allows you to set up an icon on your computer to use so you can go directly to the Internet Banking login. Click on the icon on your computer, and you will be taken to the PIN screen of Internet Banking. This promotes ease of logging in as you don't have to type in the Internet Banking website address or enter in challenge questions.

Under the Download Secure Login Download page, you can add a login description as you see fit for your PC. For example, if you'd like a description of Joe's home or Deb's work, the Secure Login Download page will show this description accordingly.

The name will allow you to choose an icon to delete if needed in the future.

  • Click on Create in order to save this Login Description.

  • After clicking on Create, you will have the option of either opening or saving the file.

  • By clicking on Save, you will be able to save the file to any place on your computer. You may add a file for this icon, add it to your desktop, or add it to your documents for example.

  • By going to the icon on your computer, you will be taken directly to the screen to enter in the Password. The icon will show on your computer as login.htm, unless another name is specified when you save the icon.
  • Current active pages show each individual Secure Login Download Page created. You may create multiple secure keys to login from with different computers.Each Active Page represents an active Secure Login Download icon.
  • Clicking on the delete trashcan will invalidate the Secure Login Download. The icon will remain on your computer, and you will need to delete the icon directly in your computer in order to remove it.