How do I stop payments on a check?

Use the Stop Payment screen under the Services tab to request to stop payment on a particular check.

Note: You should first use Check History or Check Status to see if the check has already cleared. You cannot use Check Stop Pay to halt payment on a draft that has already cleared.

Note: Entering a check stop payment will establish the date and time you requested the payment be stopped. Normal stop-payment procedures, detailed in your account disclosure statements, apply to stop-payment transactions made electronically. 

  1. Select the applicable account.
  2. Type the Starting Check Number and the Ending Check Number.
  3. Enter the payee or description.
  4. Enter Date on Check Missing.
  5. Enter Amount
  6. Check the "I Agree" box after reading the statement
  7. Click Submit to continue with your request. You will be presented with a confirmation screen.
  8. To proceed, click Submit again.

You may stop a range of checks without knowing the date and the amount. You have two choices when stopping the check. Either the starting/ending check number fields may be completed, or the date and amount on check missing may be completed.