How do I use the 'Tiles' feature?

The Tiles feature is an option that allows you to view information in a different manner. This feature encompasses the following items:

  • Balance
  • History
  • Transfers

Under 'Accounts" drop down menu select the 'Tiles' option. Upon opening, the Tiles are available as shown below.

Each account is represented as a tile with balance and transfer history for the last 30 days or last seven transactions, whichever is less. The first three tiles are displayed across the top, and the rest are displayed below. Tiles can be moved around by clicking the arrow at the top of the tile and dragging it.

By clicking a tile for any account, the following information is displayed:

  • History
  • Debit/Credit Breakdown
  • Balance by Day

The History section includes all of the transactions from the last 30 days, regardless of the number of transactions. This includes date and balance of the transaction. Click the arrow to find history for a different date range. This range could be last 30 days, last seven days, or today.

The following screen is displayed.

Choose any account, a history period; then, click the View Transactions button.

The Debit/Credit Breakdown includes a pie chart displaying debits vs. credits. Debits are represented in red, whereas credits are colored green. Mouse over the green section of pie graph to view the total number of credits (deposits) over the last 30 days. Mouse over the red section of the the pie graph to view the total number of debits (withdrawals) over the past 30 days.

On the Balance By Day chart, mouse over the bar above the date to view balance of the account for a particular day.

Information about the account is displayed across the top header. This information is different for a loan account versus a checking account.

A loan account contains the following information:

  • Balance
  • Account Number
  • Payment Amount
  • Payment Due/Next Payment Date
  • Interest Rate
  • Payoff Amount

A deposit account header can include the following information:

  • Balance
  • Account Number
  • Rate Information

Click the All Accounts tile across in the bottom row to view all accounts. The following header is displayed with the icons on the right-hand side. You may scroll the accounts left or right to view.

Click the smaller tiles to view shrink the view; this may be helpful if the account holder has numerous accounts. Click the larger tiles to expand the view of the accounts.

Click the Money tile on the top of the main page to view history of all accounts.

Click the Transfer tile to initiate a transfer from one account to another.

Choose an account to transfer from, an account to transfer to, and amount; then, click the Submit button to initiate the transfer.