How do I view my account history?

Advanced History (specific dates, Amounts, Checks or History for 12 months)

  1. From the Accounts menu, select Account History
  2. Select the account you want to view
  3. From the the History screen, click Advanced History
  4. Enter the Period, Item Type, Check Number(s), and Date Range for the information you want to include or select the Date Presets from the drop-down list
  5. If you want to use the check register, be sure the box is checked (For information see the section below titled "Check Register").
  6. Click View Transactions
  7. The account history follows, starting with the range of dates returned. Most recent and pending transactions are listed at the top of the history results.

Each column can be sorted from greater to lesser, and more recent to less recent. Click on any heading to sort. Transaction descriptions appear as they are reported on your account statements. For example:

Check Register
Use the Check Register to reconcile your checkbook online. On the Account History page, place a check mark in the box beside Use Check Register.

Tracking totals are updated as you reconcile the Check Register.

What the Totals Mean

  • Checked Amt. — Total dollar amount of all checked transactions.
  • Unchecked Amt. — Total dollar amount of all unchecked transactions.
  • Total Amount — Total dollar amount of all transactions in the current history selection.
  • Starting Balance — Starting balance for the current history selection.
  • Ending Balance — Ending balance for the current history selection.
  • Maturity Date — Date which the investment matures (if an investment account).
  • Difference — Dollar amount that equals: Starting Balance minus the Ending Balance minus the Checked Amt.

Manual Entries
You can make manual entries while reconciling. Manual entries are "placeholders" that can be used to balance your account. An example of manual entries would be a transaction that was issued but not cleared and in order to balance your check book to your online Check Register, a placeholder is necessary.
To make a Manual Entry, type the date, description, and amount then click Add Item.

Helper Window
The Helper Window contains the tracking totals in a floating window. This allows you to keep track of your totals as you page down the Check Register without having to scroll back up to the top of the page. To hide the Helper Window, simply click on the Hide Helper Window button on the top right corner of the tracking totals section.

Check images
Click on the check number hyperlink. If the cleared check image is available, a front and back view of the check appears in a new window. If the image is not yet available online, or if it has been moved to an offline archive, you receive a message that the image is not available.

Use the Print Preview button at any time to print your balances or account information in a format compatible with most online printers.