How to schedule transfers from one account to another at a future date

To schedule transfers from one account to another at a future date (such as a monthly transfer from checking to savings) select Scheduled Transfer on theTransfer/Loan Payments menu. You can schedule intra-institution transfers between any of your accounts that allow real-time transfers. Each day, the financial institution automatically makes all the transfers you have scheduled for that day. The time of the automated transfers sweep will vary. The approximate time may be disclosed in your online banking disclosure agreement.

To Add New Scheduled Transfer:

  1. Select Scheduled Transfer from the Funds Transfer menu.
  2. Click on Add New Scheduled Transfer above the “Pending” grid. The New Scheduled Transfer page appears.
  3. Answer the questions that appear:
    Account From: From which account would you like to transfer money?
    Account To: To which account would you like the money transferred?
    Amount: How much money do you want to transfer? (Use decimal places and do not type a leading zero such as $0.50.)
    Starting Date: The first (or only) day you want the transfer to be made. See your account disclosure information for the time of day during which automatic transfers are generally made.
    Frequency: Use the drop-down list to select the transfer frequency (see “Frequency” information below).
    How many transfers do you want to schedule? The default is one, change this number to make multiple transfers.
    Never Expire: Do you want this scheduled transfer to continue indefinitely?
    Memo: Note for your reference.
    Email me transfer results: If yes, then the results get sent to the email you provide.

Use the drop-down menu to choose the schedule for transfers. The default option is a one-time transfer. Other options include:

  • Daily.
  • Weekly—on the day of the week specified as the starting date.
  • Bi-weekly—every two weeks, starting on the day of the week given as the starting date.
  • Monthly—on the same day of the month as the starting day.
  • Monthly (last day of the month)—on the last day of the month.
  • Twice-monthly—choose two days each month for the transfers to take place. Your starting date determines the first date.
  • Quarterly—sets up payments on four separate days of the year, starting from the next applicable date.
  • Every four weeks—every four weeks, starting on the day of the week given as the starting date

You have the option to be notified immediately after a transfer has been sent regardless of success or failure. Simply enter your email address and click on the "Yes" radio button.

Confirming a Scheduled Transfer
When you have set up your transfer—by selecting the "to" and "from" accounts, the amount, the transfer frequency, and clicking on the Next button—aconfirmation screen asks you to validate the scheduled transfer. Select Submit to send the transfer request to your home banking system. If you want to cancel this transfer, click Cancel. If you exit the session without selecting Submit, the transfer request is not processed.

Pending Scheduled Transfers
This is a cumulative list of all pending transfers. This includes all scheduled transfers scheduled to occur at a future date.

Available Actions for each scheduled transfer:
Click on:

  • Pencil Icon- Edit the Scheduled Transfer
  • Trash Icon- Delete the Scheduled Transfer

Scheduled Transfers History
Scheduled Transfer History is a separate section found in the Funds Transfer menu that enables you to view all of your scheduled transfers in a cumulative transaction log.

First, enter the timeframe by start date and end date. Then click Submit to view a specific timeframe of scheduled transfers.
A transaction log appears showing all scheduled transfers that have successfully transferred money against any of your accounts.

By clicking on the magnifying glass, you can view the details of the specific transfer.