Transfer Funds to Another FSB Account

This feature allows you to transfer to a different account with a different customer. The transfer occurs in real time.

From the "Transfer/Loan Payments" tab select "Transfer to FSB Account"

  • To Account: Account transferred to with other customer.
  • To Account Type: Specific type of account you would like to transfer to. (ck, sv)
  • First 3 Letters of Last Name: First 3 letters of the account holder who you are transferring money to.

Click Verify Account when finished.

After the account information has been verified, enter in the transfer details.

  • From Account: Account which you are transferring money from.
  • Amount: Amount of transfer.
  • Recurring Transfer: If checked, a range of dates may be added.
  • Date of Transfer: Date of initial transfer.
  • Description: This is optional.
  • Password

Click Submit when finished.

After your transfer has been confirmed, the results display much like below.