Transfer to External Account

The Transfer to External Account menu option enables you to transfer money to or from another bank account outside of FSB. This option will only work for accounts you have access to. 

Account Setup and Verification

  1. The first step in the setup process is to create an account in Internet Banking for the account at the other financial institution. To do this, select Setup New Account.
  2. The following information pertains to your account at another financial institution.
    • Enter the routing number of the other financial institution
    • Enter your account number at the other financial institution
    • Enter the owner name of the account at the other financial institution
    • Select the account type
    • Enter a nickname for the account, this may be used to quickly identify multiple accounts
  3. Click Next to verify the account setup. Check to be sure the Institution Name and Address are correct. You may also specify an email address if you want to be notified when you can proceed to the verification step.
  4. To complete the setup and proceed to the verification step,
  5. Click Submit.
  6. After the account is created, the status will be “Pending.” The system automatically deposits and withdraws a random amount of money into your account at the other financial institution during the next nightly process. The deposit and withdrawal only occur on business days, so you will need to check the transaction history at your other financial institution on the following business day to note how much was deposited and how much was withdrawn from your account.
  7. Log back into Internet Banking to complete the account verification process. In the account list, click on the Verify link for the account you set up.
  8. In the next window, you are able to enter the amount that was deposited and withdrawn from your account at the other financial institution. Enter in the deposit or withdrawal and click Submit.
  9. After you have completed this step, the account status is changed to "Verified" and the account can now be used to create transfers. You may set up as many accounts as you would like at other financial institutions.

Other Financial Institution Account List
This section displays a list of external accounts that are in the process of being set up (status of “Verify”) or that have been set up (status of “Verified”). This section also allows you to set up accounts by clicking on the Setup New Account button.

Status Values
The account Status values are:

  • Pending—Verification process is not complete.
  • Verified—Account is approved for use.
  • Suspend—Account has been suspended and may not be used.

Account To Account Transfer Limit
This section displays the Daily and Rolling 30-day limits defined by your financial institution as well as your current balance applicable towards those limits.

Pending Account to Account Transfer
This section displays any pending account-to-account transfers. Any transactions in this section have not been processed. You can edit the transfer by clicking Edit or you can delete the transfer by clicking Delete.

Setup New Transfer
Click on the Setup New Transfer button to go to the New Transfer workflow. This workflow enables you to set up new transfers between pre-setup external accounts and internal accounts.

The next screen displays information necessary to transfer funds with the other financial institution.

Account From — The account from which you want money.
Account To — Account to which you want money sent.
Amount — Amount of the transfer (subject to daily and 30 day monthly limits).
Transfer Date — When you want this transfer to be sent (not applied).
Email Address — Email address at which you would like to be notified when the transfer is sent.
Memo — Optional text that appears on the transaction line (this is not guaranteed, some institutions do not apply this line to ACH transactions).

  1. You can select external accounts that have a “Verified” status for the Account From or the Account To.
  2. The Transfer Date is the date the funds will be available. The date must be either tomorrow or a date later than tomorrow. Any date that falls on a weekend or holiday is processed on the next banking day.
  3. If you would like an email reminder when the transfer is sent, click Yes and verify your email address.
  4. You can add a memo for this transaction if you want. The memo is not guaranteed as some financial institutions do not process the memo.
  5. Click Add Transfer to proceed to the confirmation screen.
  6. After you click Add Transfer button on the confirmation screen, the External Transfer Setup Result will appear.
  7. Click Submit and you will receive a confirmation number for your reference.

Transfer History
The Transfer History button takes you to the Account to Account History page. This page enables you to view past transfers that have been processed.

  1. You can change the date range by clicking either the Starting Date or the Ending Date and clicking on a day in the calendar.
  2. To show the history, click Submit.