Using Calendar View to manage your accounts

The Internet Banking Calendar is a powerful tool for managing your online accounts. It enables you to view your accounts in the context of an online calendar. Viewable accounts include:

  • Deposit accounts
  • Loan accounts
  • Bill-pay activity
  • One-time and scheduled transfers
  • Daily reminders

Account history as well as future events (bill-pay, scheduled transfers, and reminders) are easily viewed from this unique interface. Daily transaction details are available under each calendar day. In addition, today's date holds an available balance summary for all viewable accounts. To customize the view to your liking, you have the flexibility to add all or just a few of your accounts to the view, it is your choice.
In addition, a powerful search function can help in finding (within the 60-day history window) specific balances, transaction amounts, transaction descriptions, cleared check numbers, account names, bill-pay payees, or reminder text, just to name a few.


  • Intuitively manage your Internet banking accounts in the context of a monthly calendar.
  • Customize the view to see only the accounts and features that you want.
  • Leverage a powerful search engine that enables you to find specific balances, transaction amounts, transaction descriptions, cleared check numbers, or billpay payees, just to name a few.
  • Drill into specific daily transaction details to view what transactions were placed against your account when.
  • Conveniently view today's available balance in all viewable accounts in the context of the monthly calendar.


Getting Started

After you have logged into Internet Banking, select the Calendar feature from the Accounts drop-down menu.

Calendar Start Page

Navigation Features:

Choose Accounts to Display


The Calendar can display the following Internet Banking items:


  • Deposit Accounts with History — i.e., Checking, Savings, Certificate
  • Loan Accounts with History — i.e., Line of Credit, Auto Loan, Credit Card
  • Bill-pay activity Future and History
  • One-time and Scheduled Transfers — Future and History
  • Reminders — set up through Account Alerts


Add one account, many accounts, or all accounts by clicking on the drop-down arrow (see example below) and click the account you want to show.

Daily Transaction Detail

To display the detail history found for all viewable accounts for a specific day, click on the date in the upper left corner of the day grid:

The detail page will display all transactions found on the specified day (see an example below).

To return to the calendar view, click the Back to Month View button.

The search function for the calendar is a powerful tool that can help in finding (within the 60 day history window) specific balances, transaction amounts, transaction descriptions, cleared check numbers, account names, bill-pay payees, or reminder text.

Type the search value in the text box provided and click on the Search button:

The search function accepts any alphanumeric characters. It is not case sensitive. Complete words, phrases, or partial words are accepted. After the search is complete, the results are highlighted by date and identifiable with a magnifying glass icon.


View the results then drill down into the transaction details by clicking on the specific day (number).
The search results remain displayed on the calendar until you either exit the calendar view or submit a different search criteria.