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A Guide To Trust Services

Why do so many financially successful individuals and their families trust institutions to meet their financial management needs? Several reasons come to mind and I have listed a few below:
We provide a team approach with individuals who bring a diverse range of skills to the job.
Our services are fee based. We are not compensated by generating transactions or through commissions for the sale of particular products. Our goal is your goal… helping you manage your property as well as preserve it for future generations.
We are a corporate fiduciary, authorized by the banking authorities of our state and federal government to act as a trustee for individuals and institutions in the management and distribution of their assets. We also provide investment
and management services to assist individuals named as executors or trustees.

With this power to delegate the authority to manage property to a trustee, trusts can be used to further so many financial goals that there is no such thing as a “typical trust.” However, certain basic trust approaches are widely used. Listed below are a few situations in life where trust planning might help you meet your own financial goals:

  • Sudden, unexpected wealth
  • The “Golden Years”
  • Blended families
  • Planning for widowhood
  • Charitable giving/Philanthropy

These examples just touch the surface of what can be accomplished with a trust. Visit with our trust department to learn more about these ideas or to ask questions regarding your unique situation.