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Mobile Money Management

Mobile banking has progressed from a trendy offering to a necessity in today’s marketplace. FSB’s Free Mobile Banking Services allow you to access FSB I-Banking through your Internet capable device, making account information available to you anyplace and anytime.

Use a smart phone, pocket PC, or other WML (Wireless Markup Language) compatible device to access your account. There is no separate software or hardware required. With Mobile Banking, you can bank with complete confidence that your personal information is protected by advanced encryption technology to prevent unauthorized access.

Mobile banking allows you to manage your account in a variety of ways. You can check your balances, which allows you to view your accounts in real time, and see both current and available balances. You can also keep track of recent activity by viewing your account history. More features available with mobile banking include: transferring funds from one account to another, making loan payments, checking account alerts, opening I-Banking messages, and submitting stop payment requests.

How to Start Mobile Banking Today:

Step 1. Activate your I-Banking account
Step 2. Navigate to: from your mobile device and you will automatically be re-directed to our mobile site located at from here click "Mobile Banking Log-in"
Step 3. Log into your account, just as you would for your FSB I-Banking
Step 4. Choose a service

Available Services:

Check Balance(s)
• Access account information in real-time
• See both current and available balances
• View scheduled transfers

View History
• View recent account activity

Transfer Funds
• Transfer funds between accounts
• Make loan payments

• Check account alerts
• Open I-Banking messages

Stop Payment
• Submit a stop payment request

For more details please visit a Farmers State Bank location, call FSB at 1-877-FSB-1879, or email FSB at