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Pay Every Bill on One Screen

FSB Bill Pay offers you the convenience of paying your bills when and how you want to. It can help you manage your finances while allowing you to pay virtually anyone, anytime from anywhere. Paying your bills online is quick, easy, secure, free and guaranteed. You can access Bill Pay using your I-Banking account.

With Bill Pay you have a variety of payment options: you can pay your doctor, a friend, or regular bills. You can also quickly schedule one time, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly payments. When using this service you can easily track past and future payments.

Some experts recommend online bill payment as a way to protect yourself against identity theft; less paper means less chance for your information to get into the wrong hands. Also, regularly checking your online accounts is a great way to prevent unauthorized transactions.

How to Sign up

Log into our I-Banking website using your current account information. Once you’ve logged in click on the payments tab. Then click on the account that you choose to pay bills from. Next complete the application and within 24 hours you will receive an email saying you have been approved.

After you sign up for Bill Pay, you’ll receive a welcome email within one business day. When you receive this email, you’re officially registered and can begin using Bill Pay.