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Secure Your Family's Future

Estate planning is often only considered essential for wealthy or older individuals. However, if you have loved ones, you should have a plan. Estate planning means providing for your family after you are gone. It allows you to make important decisions about caring for your loved ones.

A proper estate plan addresses the following major issues:


An estate plan should be reviewed periodically as your situation changes. Births of children, changes in marital status, increases in income or wealth, or moving to another state should also trigger a review of your plan.

Estate planning is not a task to be taken lightly, as rules are complex and may differ by state. It is important that your will and other documents take the new laws fully into account. A qualified FSB Trust Expert can ensure that your estate plan accomplishes your objectives. To learn more about how we can help you, contact our Trust Specialist, Tammy Fleming, at 319-874-4321.

• Who do you want as the executor to settle your estate? That person should be someone who understands your wishes and can be trusted to carry them out as you desire.

• How will any minor children be protected? This includes naming a guardian and making decisions about the future financial security of the children.

• How will your assets be distributed? Wills are used to designate who will receive your assets. Trusts may be useful for the ongoing management and distribution of your assets.