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Strengthening Online Banking Security

It is our commitment to you that access to your financial information is secure. We have taken enhanced measures to secure our Online Banking site with Multi-Factor Authentication. This requires you to complete a one-time security update that activates your account. It is intended to provide you with the best security possible. Multi-Factor Authentication consists of validation and authentication of a customer using more than one method of verification. Generally, this is accomplished by verifying three things:

Item #1 - You will need to create three question and answer pairs. This allows us to verify that you are in fact, you, by presenting a question that only YOU know the answer. If you don’t answer the question correctly, you will not gain access to your accounts.

Item #2 - You will also need to create a “Security Key”. This allows you to verify that you have reached our Online Banking site, and not some other fictitious site. Every time you log into your accounts, you will see a graphical
representation of your Security Key on every page. If you do not see that
Security Key, or it is not the one you created, then you know that
you are NOT at OUR site. If this happens, please contact us
immediately at 1-877-FSB-1879.

Item #3 - This is one that you already know - your password.

Why all this attention to security?

Every bank was required to use Multi-Factor Authentication by December 31, 2006. Federal agencies, including the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), have mandated that all providers of Internet Banking services increase log-in security from Single-Factor Authentication (such as a password) to Multi-Factor Authentication. Therefore, all are required to implement this
level of security.