How do I get setup for I-Banking?

Note:  If you do not already have a login ID, contact FSB to obtain one.

To log in for the first time with a secure access code

On the Login page, do the following:

  • Click or tap I am a new user.
  • Enter your Login ID.
  • Click or tap Submit. The Enter Secure Access Code page appears.

On the Enter Secure Access Code page, do the following:

  • Click or tap one of the contact methods to send a secure access code.
  • When the code arrives, enter the code.
  • Click or tap Submit.
  • If prompted to register the device, click or tap Register Device.
  • Enter a password, then re-enter it in the Confirm Password field.
  • Click or tap Submit.
  • Update your online profile and click or tap Submit Profile.
  • Read the agreement on the Disclaimers page and click or tap I Accept. When you accept the agreement, the Home page appears.