April Monthly Compliments

Madisen Ryan Shepard
May 2, 2023

Randomly selected winners for a $25 Amazon gift card are, Blake Overmohle (compliment receiver) and Mike Kieszkowski (compliment giver).

Congratulations, and keep up the great work!

To: Jen Marlin

From: Scott Waechter

Good morning Jen, I gave Anne a call this morning about a couple of things and she mentioned how helpful and kind you were last time she was needing some paperwork. She said she wanted you know how thankful she is and how much she appreciated the help. She just gave me a really glowing review. Thank you for being awesome!

To: Dakota Brockmann

From: Vicki Parsons

Maureen P. mentioned this weekend that she'd been in the DM office to grab some cash lately. She commented on how great it was to work with Dakota. She said Dakota was so great to work with and really helpful.  Thanks Dakota!

To: Lauren Woods

From: Emily Dunt

Huge shout out to Lauren Woods! A new business client has been in the process of learning ACH origination procedures. I asked Lauren if she was able to sit down and meet with him this morning and she was more than happy to. She was a great help to him and helped reassure him, as the transition over to FSB has been a little stressful for him. She made the process very smooth and easy for Kent to understand and went above and beyond to make sure he was comfortable with the whole process. Thanks again for all your help Mrs. Woods!

To: Jacob Sapp, Kristin Walters

From: Mindy Hendrickson

Ken S. came in to do quite a few transactions at the downtown Waterloo branch yesterday including a CD, Transfer, update id and several deposits.  He said the customer service was great and Jacob did an excellent job handling all of the different transactions and in a friendly/timely manner.  He was very happy with service and said Kristin was helpful in answering questions that Jacob had during the process.

To: Amanda Sedivec

From: Stacey Maas

Amanda always does a wonderful job researching customer disputes to figure out if it's truly a fraud incident or a customer misunderstanding the transaction. She always lays out easy steps to follow & questions to ask the customer. This is excellent customer service and saves everyone so much time. Thank you for being wonderful at your job Amanda!

To: Jen Marlin, Elizabeth Maletta

From: Jacob Myrvik

Jen and Elizabeth both deserve a shout out for going the extra mile in helping a Premier client fund minor Roth IRAs for 2022 tax year. We received the request to open new investment accounts at TD Ameritrade at the end of last week with the deadline for contributions being 4/18. On Monday when it did not look like TD Ameritrade could open accounts on time, Elizabeth and Jen reviewed bank options and worked to set up a backup plan to fund bank CDs to make sure that the client could meet the deadline. Through the whole process both Jen and Elizabeth kept in communication with the client to make sure they were able to take action when it was needed. With the tight deadline, they did great job coming up with a unique solution.

To: Lauren Woods

From: Tiffany Garrison

I wanted to give Lauren recognition for her amazing customer service. She really does go above and beyond, and she helps her coworkers so effortlessly. She's amazing at multi-tasking, regardless if she thinks otherwise! This morning the branches were working on their ATM/ITM machine balancing. With the issues the ATMs have been having with shutting off, the machine totals are not balancing correctly. Lauren took time out of her already full morning, and helped branches calculate where their off ages were. She was able to figure it out by working through a couple of our systems: Network Manager, and Shazam. I appreciate her at Farmers State Bank!

To: Hilary Denk

From: Jared Schmit

I received an application on 4/18 for a rush purchase closing, and Hilary offered to jump in and help facilitate things to make sure it gets done in a timely manner. As of this morning, she has everything ready to go in less than one week. Hilary is a great asset to our department and is always willing to jump in and help out when needed.

To: Blake Overmohle

From: Amy Ganoe

To start our Monday morning off with our first, NEW customer to FSB…I was preparing to establish Scott I's CD. As soon as we sat down, my monitor detached from the attachment, it appeared a bolt came out. Tried to put it together quick with no luck, moved to Kerry's office in the meantime- could not get his computer to turn on. Another customer came in to open a CD, which Dakota began to assist. Lisa graciously offered me her computer- I went to sign into her computer and it started doing an update as soon as I put in my credentials (I wish I was joking). While all of this is going on Blake jumped to the rescue to fix my monitor, which we ended up coming BACK into my office by then to establish the CD. Customer was so nice and understanding, referral from Kerry (Scott I) known from Bankers Trust. Scott is also on our Des Moines Advisory board; this was my first time meeting him. Scott and I chatted for an additional 15 minutes about life while Blake worked his magic.

To: Jen Marlin

From: Ryan Risetter

Jen did a fantastic job handling an outgoing wire request for AAA Client, James B. On a day when Abby and myself were out of the office, Jen handled a complicated client matter with great skill and expertise.   The outgoing wire was completed timely and the necessary upfront communication and follow up with the client were handled with great care. Keep up the great work Jen!

To: Adam Heineman

From: Mike Kieszkowski

Adam was able to get the Fed to FINALLY open up our account to pledge bonds under Term Funding Program.  Adam had to spend about 20 days filling out forms, sending emails, and making phone calls to get this accomplished.  Thank you!

To: Michelle Schissel

From: Lizzy Weber

I received an email while on vacation from a customer. I replied back that I was out of the office and included Michelle to help her. I just got an email today from her that said "I wanted to let you know Michelle was great help while you were out.  She gave the same great customer service as you do.  I always want people to know the extra effort for customer service is still really appreciated." I can always count on Michelle to help and do things correctly when I'm out of the office even if she is thrown into it in the middle. Thank you, Michelle!

To: Neal Keegan

From: Heidi Abben

Today a customer was not able to get into their Encompass to e-sign.  Neal walked me through seeing what the issue was with their login.  (Not something that we deal with on a daily basis) He is always willing to help with any issue that may arise with Encompass, and I greatly appreciate that!  Thank you!!

To: Lauren Woods

From: Ben Saak

Lauren was on her way to the vending machine while I was helping Donna go over identity theft and her credit report. Lauren stopped and asked if I needed help as the front line was very busy and she was able to take control of the situation and sit with the customer in an office to get everything figured out. The customer was concerned with security and Lauren was able to get things settled. The customer left very happy and thankful for the help Lauren was able to provide. Thank you, Lauren, for stepping out of your usual role to help a customer in person!

To: Jason Hosch

From: Danielle Trumbauer

I just wanted to note that Jason is always prompt each qtr. with the ML reports and scorecards for bonuses and there are rarely any errors.  I truly appreciate the support!  Also, I'd like to comment that Jason was one of the first managers to complete his reviews, and to get his performance bonus sheets handed out and signed.  Again, those of us in HR appreciate the promptness and quick follow through when we have questions. Thank you!!!

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