Des Moines Building Updates

Wes Becker
March 7, 2023

The Des Moines Office is progressing as planned. The brick has been completed on the exterior and the light grey metal panels will be attached near the end of the month.  The interior is also taking shape with primer being placed on the walls this week.  All the soffits have been built and we're just waiting for the glass office partitions to arrive. (This should happen around March 13th.) Tile should start being laid in the restrooms this week as well. 

We have been working with the Flying Hippo (marketing company) to assist with the design of the inside (offices, focal walls, waiting area, breakroom, etc.) along with the Stairwells. 

The building has definitely gained the attention of many passersby’s and has led to great conversations with staff and customers/potential customers.  Hopefully in the next couple weeks more interior photos can be provided that make sense vs the empty area and soffits where the offices are to be.  The completion date is set for some time in July. 

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