Des Moines Building Updates

Wes Becker
May 24, 2023

As work continues in the new Des Moines location, the team is getting anxious to get in.

The last of the sidewalks and driveway have been poured this week.  The exterior light grey metal panels are being finished in the next 2 weeks (over 80% of the exterior is complete).  The week of the 29th the backfilling/grading, grass seeding and planting of shrubbery will start as well as the install of parking lot lights.  By the end of the month the exterior should be pretty much wrapped up with the exception of the signage that’s on order. 

On the inside things are moving along rather quickly as well.  All the office frames are up, and the ceiling tiles are being dropped in place.  There still waiting for a few light fixtures, but other than that the ceiling work is done.  The glass for the office will be coming in the coming weeks along with flooring- carpet & laminate.  The bathroom accessories (partitions, handrails, and holders) are being installed this week.  All cabinetry and tops are in.  Furniture is scheduled to be delivered the week of June 26.  While there is not a set date for move in, it’s looking like sometime in July.

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