Happy 5 years to Brian Werner!

Emily Mahoney
June 5, 2023

My name is Brian Werner and I recently celebrated 5 years with FSB!

Learn more about me here!

What led you to work in this field and or how many positions have you held at FSB?

My brother and I used to build PCs solely to (then, "legally") obtain music from Napster and Limewire. From there, I just realized I enjoyed playing with computers...well...and selling Metallica torrents. This is the only position I could handle here.

What's your process for turning a bad day into a good one?

There aren't bad days, only bad mind settings.

Share the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you!

"I've never learned anything when I was the one talking."

What activities do you participate in over the weekend?

I like to be outside as much as possible. Whether it be playing sports, fishing, exploring, or just soaking up the sun. Never waste a nice day cooped up with the chickens.

List three items on your bucket list!

Venture upward to see the Northern Lights, Witness in live action a 49er Superbowl victory, A visit to every United State.

What's one thing that has made you smile recently?

I watched Josh Nolan talk to an empty desk for a few minutes, without letting him know Brodie hadn't been there for awhile...it's the little things.

How would you describe your job and its responsibilities to small children?

I tell them my job is similar to keeping Fortnite on at all hours so that they can continue to buy Vbucks and hide from the sun.

Do you have any pets? What are they like?

Only fish. They usually keep to themselves.

If time travel existed, where would you be heading and why?

I'd like to think I'd be somewhere to help better the world, but honestly, I'd be betting heavily on a Cubs World Series win in 2016.

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