July Compliments

Madisen Ryan Shepard
August 2, 2023

The winners of this month's $25 Amazon gift cards are Jen Marlin (giver) and Luke Knutson (receiver). Congrats!

If you haven't submitted a compliment in a while (or ever!) I encourage you to try and recognize someone you see doing great things. It can even be as simple as just giving someone a shout out for brightening your day! See the list below for all the great things your coworkers did in July.

Giver: Jen Marlin

Receiver: Ben Saak

Ben was all by himself this morning on the front line and the traffic was non-stop. The line was practically out the door. He was working so hard and kept a smile on his face the whole time!  Way to go Ben!

Giver: Lizzy Weber

Receiver: Amanda Sedivec

Amanda always does a great job explaining the why or giving a lot of detail with her tickets/requests to the frontline. We were talking in Jesup last week and all agreed that she's very detailed in the dispute area when we have to call customers we fully understand what she is wanting us to find out/ask. I just did a ticket for a closed CC and she explained why it appeared closed in Phoenix and the answer was something I never knew about FIS and fraud alerts. Thank you Amanda for your attention to detail!

Giver: Hilary Denk

Receiver: Josh Schrofer

Josh went the extra mile when taking on Eric's loans when he left! All the loans had required extra communication with customers and were changeling to get approved with secondary market due to their uniqueness. Josh worked diligently to get all required documents on these files as they all had short turn around times. It was greatly appreciated on the processing side!

Giver: Tina Hogan

Receiver: Angie Sabers

Last week I was out somewhat unexpectedly and Angie stepped in and handled a variety of situations like a pro.  I appreciated her email communication with me on the situations so I was aware of the status of everything when I returned.  Thank you Angie for your leadership!

Giver: Michelle Schissel

Receiver: Angie Sabers

I wanted to share how appreciative I am to have Angie work from Jesup on July 3rd. It was a very busy morning with Jesup Tractor Pull deposits and customers coming in for CD's/Account changes. I don't know what I would have done without her being here!

Giver: Jason Klein

Receiver: Austin Harris

Austin has been helping me with various meetings and requests stemming from the hive members and prospects. He does a great job answering questions quickly and giving tours to potential prospects. This can be time consuming and not his 'normal' job but his willingness to help is excellent.

Giver: Jill Else

Receiver: Melissa Schaefer

Jesup Tellers were busy so I called BOG and Melissa answered.  Customer was receiving calls from Shazam and wanted to know what was going on.  Melissa gave us all the info and we have debit card Hot Carded due to Fraud.  I appreciated her quick response.  Customer left feeling relieved.

Giver: Amanda Sedivec

Receiver: Ben Saak

Thank you, Ben for going above and beyond when completing a recent ticket! We opened a branch support ticket to order a new debit card for a customer who had fraud on their old card. Ben took care of the new card order, then continued to assist the customer through the beginning stages of a dispute in Centrix. He has also kept DG fully in the loop about the details we need for dispute processing. This eliminates the need for supplemental tickets and creates a seamless experience for the customer because the card order and dispute are being handled by the same person.

Giver: Jen Marlin

Receiver: Lydia Varboncoeur

Lydia has been here just shy of a month and she has hit the ground running!  She is so willing to do anything and is a quick learner.  She shows up every day with a smile on her face and her positivity is infectious!  We're so happy to have her as part of the Premier team!

Giver: Linda Vogel

Receiver Luke Knutson

I had a gentleman come out to my house for a service call (Randall P.) and he noticed that I worked at the bank and he mentioned that Luke Knutson was so awesome to get his accounts moved over from another bank and that Luke even took the time to come out to the farm auction that they had.

Giver: Jill Else

Receiver: Lizzy Weber & Shane Illing

Friday evening at 4:50 I had a call from David J. worried about his accounts being compromised and wanted unique security questions in place.  Lizzy was with me and she immediately updated the system with a pop up.  There was a call within minutes of someone trying to get information and the new security questions were in place and VB/Shane took extra steps to not divulge anything.  Wonderful job Lizzy and Shane.

Giver: Kara Larson

Receiver: Dorothy Back

I just wanted to say how great of a job that Dorothy is already doing in a very short period of time! She has taken initiative to help out with anything that is needed. She is great at being organized and is already making changes to the Waverly branch. I am excited to have her a part of the FSB team and confident she will excel here!

Giver: Lizzy Weber

Receiver: Shane Illing

David J. called in late Friday to put security questions on his acct. Within minutes Virtual/ Shane got a call from a man impersonating his Wife, Donna and Shane figured out by looking at David's RIM that we just put security questions on so he asked the impersonator more out of the box questions which could not be answered. He didn't give any info to the person. I spoke to David/Donna yesterday and they were very grateful for the extra precautions that Shane took so great Job Shane!!

Giver: Lauren Becker

Receiver: Luke Knutson

CF Main had kind of a scary situation happen on Wednesday and Luke stepped in no questions asked and handled it. It really put everyone at the CF office at ease knowing he handled it with confidence!

Luke is also always very helpful with any questions thrown his way. Luke always explains his answer in detail AND how he came up with that answer. He never makes you feel silly for asking something. He is always willing to walk through a situation or scenario with you. Luke is a HUGE asset to CF Main as well as FSB as a whole! Thanks Luke for all you do!

Giver: Danielle Trumbauer

Receiver: Austin Harris

Alli came stopped in at Jesup today, and stopped in my office to let me know what a great experience she had working with Austin on the processing of her new car loan.  She said he was absolutely great to work with and so helpful.  She said the dealership tried to talk her out of using the Bank and going with them and she said no thank you, she was going with her Bank!  Great customer service Austin!!

Giver: Bob Hansen

Receiver: Nolan Tomlinson

Customer came into Dunkerton and complimented on Nolan helping them out and savings them $600 a month on their medicare insurance - mentioned he as very helpful several times.

Giver: Josh Rekers

Receiver: Amanda Sedivec

I never feel like I am bothering her with clarification on an issue even though I know she is busy. She has a positive attitude and is a great resource for our front line teams!

Giver: Ben Saak

Receiver: Alex Main

One of our customers had recently had issues with their processing system and that has created some complications for the frontline when processing checks. Alex has been great at helping and knowing exactly what is going on in the situation. He has been quick at solving the problem and makes the customer a priority even when he is busy. It's great to have someone like Alex to ask questions with business customers!

Giver: Josh Rekers

Receiver: Abby Sears & Lauren Becker

I met with Candice L. to have her sign 3 different check fraud affidavits for fraudulent checks they had come through recently. Candi was explaining the situation to me and we looked up the checks. She mentioned how great as a whole FSB has been throughout this process, specifically Abby Sears and Lauren Becker. Also mentioned how thankful she is for the person(s) that caught the checks and flagged them as potential fraud. Awesome job to everyone involved!

Giver: Haleigh Sperfslage

Receiver: Shelby Myler

Shelby has put in countless hours creating automated email templates that our prospective home buyers will be on with Total Expert. Not only are these emails well thought out, personal and informational for our buyers, but they will also save a lot of time for the MLO's from having to spend so much of our day to send individual emails on our own which frees up time to prospect/network/provide better overall customer service to our borrowers and agents. You rock, Shelby!

Giver: Catherine Shafer

Receiver: Grant Stevens

He humored all of my questions on his daily tasks/processes. I appreciate Grant being with generous with his time and exposing me to aspects of the bank that I had not yet seen close up.

Giver: Ryan Risetter

Receiver: Josh Rekers

I was at Ben S. office this morning visiting with Ben, and Darcy stopped by to let me know how great Josh has been to work with through their mortgage process.   She explained that the process is just super confusing for her and Josh does a great job taking time to answer all her questions and keep them updated throughout the process.   She raved about his customer service and how grateful she is to have him handling their mortgage.  Great job Josh!

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