Keyfobs & Pin Codes

Wes Becker
March 20, 2023

When in a branch with the automatic door lock system (fobs)- Tower Park, DT Waterloo, Cedar Falls and Waverly we ask that you use your fob for entry into the doors vs the manual pin #.  The pin # was setup as a backup in the event you left your fob at home or in a different vehicle, etc.  

We've seen a tremendous uptick in the usage of just the pin and not the actual fob in these locations.  

In the next month we will be disabling the PIN codes at each branch, for two weeks, at each of the branches listed above so only the fob will work.  This will ensure that everyone has their fob and they work. Also, as a reminder you will need your fob when you go between floors at Tower Park as the interior doors are secured as well (WE WILL PROVIDE AN EMAIL OUT TO EVERYONE BEFORE THIS HAPPENS)

If you have lost your fob or it doesn't work please submit an IT ticket immediately.  Not having your fob with you poses a security risk for the Bank.

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