Monthly Wellness Webinar/Monthly Motivator

Madisen Ryan Shepard
June 9, 2023

Monthly Motivator

June is here and EFR’s Monthly Motivator is all about committing to growth.  Exploring opportunities for growth is one way to foster intellectual wellbeing and expand your mind. See if you can commit to at least three suggested activities on the calendar. Access the Monthly Motivators by visiting,E,X,T&H=6f31ce0a13b15212b2f348db37335191a801e216.

Wellness Webinar

Get Ready for Your Best Summer Ever! Summer brings about a new season of eating and for many, there is a greater opportunity for access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Join this webinar on Wednesday, June 21 at 1pm to learn about ways you can make this the best summer ever for your nutritional needs! We will cover hydration, kids helping in the kitchen, summer salads, healthy grilling, and our favorite summer treats – ice cream and popsicles! Register for the webinar by visiting,E,X,T&H=d50c2ce13b7290bebba3fcbdc8ff2a4eaeb3bf05

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