Pi(e) Day

Lauren Woods
March 14, 2023

Hello everyone! Today is Pi day, but I’m feeling more like PIE Day! To celebrate we have 2 fun things on the agenda. Each branch will have pies available in the break room for taste testing. (TP, yours will be on 1st floor) The second one is a “Pie to the Face” fundraiser! Here is how it will work!

I have conned 10 VIPs into potentially getting a pie to the face – they each have a 10% chance even though Adam states his chances are closer to 88%. The catch is that WE the amazing people of FSB get to decide who ends up with a pie to the face by putting our money where the pie goes. For each $1 donated, you get 1 vote on who gets the pie to the face. The VIP with the most votes (aka most money raised) gets a pie to the face AND the money from the fundraiser gets donated to the charity of their choice!

How to vote:

Tower Park People – there will be cups on my desk that you can put cash into with each person’s name if you want to vote anonymously.

Venmo: @Laurenwoods1227 – please put in the description who the vote is for (I will transfer the funds to my account at the end of the voting!)

FSB to FSB transfer: use your ibanking, select transactions then FSB to FSB Transfer then select Single transfer. Please put the description of your name & who you want the votes to go to

My info you’ll need: Checking account, lwoods@fsb1879.com, 0195 = last 4 of account #

Our VIPs for Pie Day and their charity of choice:

Ryan Risetter – Special Olympics of Iowa

Neal Keegan – Little Knights Learning Center – LPC Campus

Dustin Thorson – Buchanan County Animal Shelter

Kelli Even – House of Hope

Danielle Trumbauer – The JOB Foundation

Adam Heineman – Iowa DNR

Wes Becker – Camp Courageous

Bryan Stow – Cedar Bend Humane Society

Tina Hogan – Cedar Valley Hospice

Rod Duroe – Iowa Heartland Habitat for Humanity

Please have your votes/$$ to me by no later than 4pm on Tuesday 3/14. Depending on who the winner is, the actual pie to the face could take place around 4:45pm on Tuesday OR it could be a different day if they’re out of the office. I will let everyone know who the winner is a little after 4pm Tuesday and let you know when the action is going to take place.

Let’s raise some funds!

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