Submit a recipe to add to the FSB Employee Cookbook!

Madisen Ryan Shepard
September 5, 2023

Hello everyone! Since we've only received 10 submissions so far, we are going to extend the due date of submitting a recipe to September 22nd. We'd love the opportunity to provide everyone with this book, but we can't do it without enough content. If you could take just a couple minutes out of your day to provide a submission we would greatly appreciate it!

Part of overall wellness is enjoying and sharing the things that make you feel good. To highlight the importance of this, the Wellness Committee is asking for your help to put together a FSB Cookbook in preparation for the holidays!

We would love to put together a book of recipes from our employees that make you feel good or have good memories tied to them. Your favorite French toast, the recipe that your grandmother passed onto you, a recipe you made up on your own, one that you swear by that you found on the internet… Anything is welcome! Please plan on submitting at least 1 recipe per employee. If you’d like to submit more than one, feel free to do so! The more the merrier!

Also, feel free to include a note along with your submission with info about where your recipe came from and what makes it special to you.

Use the survey link below to add your submission. Please submit your recipes by September 22nd.

*Please note, if you plan to provide more than one recipe, you'll need to submit them all at the same time as the survey will not allow you to go back and add more once you submit.

Thank you!

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