Wire Transfer Agreements GO LIVE 04/17

Adam Heineman
April 12, 2023

Beginning April 17th, the wire transfer agreement will be required on file for any customer to remotely initiate a wire. DG and frontline have been working together since Q3 2022 to complete agreements for the customers who initiate wires most frequently. We have sent letters to the customers and reached out to the BMs to contact.

What this means for you:

New Customers: While filling out the customer or business profile, if the customer answers yes to the wire question, please complete a wire transfer agreement with them and submit to OnBase under Wire Agreements. The fillable Wire Transfer Agreement can be found on SharePoint under Forms.

Existing Customers: When submitting a wire transfer request, check first to see if a wire transfer agreement is on file. If there is not one, please complete with the customer and submit to OnBase under Wire Agreements. All future wires will require a wet signature if a wire transfer agreement is not on file.

Complete training and procedures can be found on SharePoint. On the Deposit Training page, search Updated Wire Transfer Agreement. This PowerPoint includes step by step instructions as well as FAQs and details for uploading to OnBase.

Please reach out to DG with any questions.

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