Contact Center Updates

Lauren Woods
May 23, 2024

We recently worked with Ring Central to finalize a huge wish list item for the Contact Center! When a customer calls into the Contact Center through our program called MAX, if the phone number is in Phoenix it will pop up a list of RIMs for us to know who we may be talking to right away. Before this update we would only get the phone number and could copy that into Phoenix quickly to see who was calling.

With this new integration, it is reading Phoenix. We asked, "If it can read Phoenix, can it write data to it?" It sure can! We used to have to manually track our calls in Phoenix, but now with the help of "dispositions" immediately following the call it will automatically create an entry in the "Contact History" of the contact's RIM. This will allow any FSB staff member to see a glimpse of what an inbound call from a customer was about. If the phone number wasn’t one that is in Phoenix, it will not track anything in Phoenix. When working with customers, please confirm their contact information – especially when ordering checks, a debit card, credit card, opening a new deposit or loan account, etc.

We also added a prompt in the IVR (phone menu) that allows a caller to dial “5” to get to a member of our Business Support team. Eventually we hope to get the Business Support phone number of 319-874-4503 to go through the Contact Center and straight to the team. For now, any business customer can dial that number for it to ring to all members at once instead of it being routed to an available agent.

All of these updates have created efficiencies for the Contact Center! Hopefully even more to come!

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