How to use the "Request Add Punch" function in Paylocity

Madisen Ryan Shepard
December 6, 2023

Did you forget to punch in for the day, lose your internet connection, end your day outside of the branch, or totally screw up your entire timecard by forgetting to clock out?? There's a button for that! 😁

Whenever you need a correction to your timecard, please use the "Request Add Punch" function to request the change rather than just adding a note to the punch that needs corrected or requesting your change via email. When you use this function, your request will automatically be sent to your manager for approval instead of them having to make your change manually. This helps ensure accuracy, saves time, and is an easy way for HR to see if you need changes when your manager is out.

The "Request Add Punch" button can be found in Time & Labor > Employee Dashboard. Click "Request Add Punch" and fill out the information needed. If your timecard requires multiple fixes, you need to fill out a separate request for each change needed.

*Managers/Salaried employees may need to navigate a little differently to locate their dashboard. Time & Labor > hover mouse over Home > Employee Dashboard.

Finally, if you have any questions regarding this or run into any issues you can reach out to HR at any time for assistance.

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