New Secure Access Code Text Message

Lauren Woods
August 17, 2023

Recently we've had a few situations with a scammer pretending to be a FSB employee. This scammer calls our customer stating that they're with the "fraud department." They tell our customer that they need their online banking username to verify their identity. The customer gives their online banking username and then the fraudster tells them that they're sending them an access code to verify them as well. While the customer thinks they're talking to FSB, this fraudster is on our iBanking selecting the "Forgot Password" option and entering in that username. They then get the secure access code from the customer, enter it in, register their device, create a new password, and then change the person's username. They then have free reign and go create bill pays to themselves (or other money mules) and external transfers.

Hopefully by adding in this verbiage the customer will recognize that they are not talking to a real FSB employee.

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