The Job Foundation is looking for volunteers for 2024

Madisen Ryan Shepard
December 12, 2023

The Job Foundation is looking for volunteers for 2024. Below are the descriptions of what their needs are along with timeframes. If interested in volunteering, please reach out to Seth Stearns using the contact info at the bottom of the list. Thanks, and please reach out if you have any questions!


-Transport middle school students to & from weekly Wednesday lessons January-May.  Our MS students get picked up from the 4 middle schools in the Waterloo School District at the end of the day on Wednesday’s- which is at 2:45pm.  They are then transported to our lesson which are held currently in the basement of the First Congregational Church in Waterloo.  After the lesson is done at 4:30pm each of our students are taken home.

Financial Lessons for Middle School (January-May)

-Volunteers help as table Leaders for our weekly Wednesday middle school lessons that are held from 3pm-4:30pm.  (Table leaders are asked to be there 3:20pm-4:30pm)  Volunteers are placed with a group of 3-4 middle school students and help them pay attention to the lesson/help with activities/help with the Job Store/be a positive influence on a young teen’s life.  


Want to make a difference in a child's life?

The Job Foundation, besides teaching financial literacy lessons to K-12 grade students in the Waterloo School District, is also a state certified mentorship program!

We are looking for mentors that have 4 hours a month where they can meet with one of the students in our program and be a positive role model to them.  Mentors are paired up with a student based on gender and age preferred.  If you’re looking to make a difference in a child’s life this is the opportunity for you!  Our students come from low-income situations who may need that extra positive influence in their life.

Again, we are only asking for 4 hours a month.  Currently we have 75 students out of 104 waiting for a mentor.

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