2024 Benefits Annual Enrollment

Vicki Parsons
November 16, 2023

The 2024 Benefits Annual Enrollment will open on 11/16/2023 and end on 11/27/2023.  There are no changes to our plan design and coverage.  There is a slight increase in health insurance premiums for 2024.  A detailed PPT with Vicki Parsons explaining the benefits is available here.

http://fsbintra:2016/my/sharepoint/Human Resources/Benefits/_layouts/15/DocIdRedir.aspx?ID=RX5HA2HUHRUM-1454585355-20

A non -audio version is also available here:

http://fsbintra:2016/my/sharepoint/Human Resources/Benefits/_layouts/15/DocIdRedir.aspx?ID=RX5HA2HUHRUM-1454585355-21

Please contact Vicki Parsons or Madisen Ryan Shepard with any questions on your benefits for 2024.  

If you are not able to the open the links above, copy and paste them to the browser - or go to Sharepoint >Human Resources > Benefits.

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