A Day in the Life of Deposit Operations

Adam Heineman
August 28, 2023
The Deposit Operations Team (Deposit Group) is a team of 7; Adam, Melissa, Pam, Audrey, Heather, Denise, and Amanda.  Our main priorities pertain to ensuring deposit accounts and service offerings are properly placed onto the system and updated as needed.  Once we have the accounts in place we will assist with providing the appropriate payment devices or internet banking services so that the customer can conduct transactions.  The next steps involve posting the transaction files and monitoring reports to ensure the legitimacy and collection of these items.  A list of our tasks is included below.

Daily File Postings

Incoming ACH Files and Returns - 4 times per day

Incoming On-Us Check - 4 times per day

Incoming Returned Deposited Checks - 3 times per day

Credit Card Maintenance/History/Reports/Balancing File - 1 time per day

Credit Card Payments and Advances- 1 time per day

Debit Card Reports and Balancing File - 1 time per day

Bill Pay Transactions - 1 time per day

FSB External Account Automatic Loan Payments - 1 time per day

FSB Customer ACH Origination - 1 time per day

FSB Customer Mobile and Remote Deposits - 5 times per day

Proof work - Image file and Non-FSB check cash letter - 1 time per day

ATM/ITM Cash Withdrawals - 1 time per day

Daily Balancing

Cash (GLs 10000,10001, 10006, 10007)

Debit Card and ATM/ITM Transactions (GLS 11120,11122)

Bill Pay Transactions (23200)

Credit Cards (GLs 14330,14332,14333)

Correspondent Bank Accounts (GLs 11555,11560,11590)

Non-FSB Check Clearing (GLs 11130)

GL Unposted Transactions (GLs 18110)

Gift Card Settlement (GLs 11105)

FSB Official Checks (Checking 0001879)

Debit Card Stock

Daily Review

Large Cash Transactions and CTRs

Duplicate Check Postings

Debit Card/ATM/ITM Activity Reports

Credit Card Activity Reports

Bill Pay Activity Reports

Verafin Fraud Alerts

Internet Banking Fraud Anomaly Alerts

Onbase Daily Deposit/Daily GL/Daily Nightly Reports

Daily Booking and Setup

Deposit Account Bookings

Customer RIM Maintenance requests

Internet Banking Setups/Modifications

Debit Card creation/printing/maintenance

Credit Card creation/maintenance

Secondary Review of the items above

Other Daily

Review Suspended Mobile and Remote Deposit Transactions

Process Unposted Transactions including Positive Pay

Process/Decision OD Limit and NSF Items

Deceased Accountholder Transaction Review

Process Check Adjustments

Process Levies and Garnishments

Dispute Processing (ACH, Debit Card, Credit Card)

Debit and Credit Card Fraud Alert Management

Incoming Wires

Outgoing Wires

Daily Notices

FSB's Liquidity Position


CTR Filings

Misc Crystal Report Maintenance

Official Check Review

IRA Transaction/Plan Postings

Compromised Card Reports and Review

Customer Travel Alerts

FInCen 314(a) Files (Bi-Weekly)

NonCore Funding Portfolio Review


Deceased Accountholder Relationship Review

Deceased Account holder Interest Posting Adjustments

Green Checking Rebate Posting

Debit Card/Credit Reissuance Review

Custom Debit Card Limit Review

Debit Card and Credit Card Billing Review

Monetary Instrument Review

Backup Withholding Submission

ACH Origination Totals Monitoring

Remote Deposit Totals Monitoring

Deposit Account/Transaction/Service Usage Monitoring

Software Management Case Review


IOLTA/IRETA Interest Reporting

Internal Audits

User Access Reviews

CTR Exemption Review

VISA Operating Certificate Submission

Random Remote Deposit Transaction Audit


Interest Bearing Deposit Account Calculation Confirmation


Unclaimed Property Reporting

ACH Originator Risk Review

Remote Deposit Customer Risk Review

Policy Review

Risk Assessment Review

Safety Deposit Box Billing

Purge Hot Carded/Expired Cards

Deposit Fee Schedule Review

1099 Prep Work

PCI Certification

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