Reasons to File Incident Report

February 13, 2023

If you think there might be fraud, financial crime, scam, abuse, suspicious bank activity, or inconsistent financial activity, please submit the Incident Reporting form.  

What happens if it turns out to be nothing? Well, nothing happens if it’s nothing. You still did the right thing for reporting.

Types of Fraud to Look For:

Identity Theft, Check Fraud, ACH Fraud, Wire Fraud, or Loan Fraud

  • Please do not submit an incident form for Debit/Credit Card fraud unless DG or BSA department instructs you to do so

Financial Crimes

  • Structuring - When a person purposely makes their deposits under a certain amount to go unreported. For example: Deposits or withdrawals for $9,900 a few times during the month. Why not bring in more than $10,000? Why is the customer afraid of a Currency Transaction Report?
  • Customer lying about why they need a loan or lying about what they will do with loan proceeds - Why can’t the customer tell the bank the truth?
  • Human trafficking - This often times looks like a controlling “boyfriend” speaking for his “girlfriend” because he is not allowing her to talk.
  • Elder abuse - As a person ages, it’s vital to help the person with many aspects of life, one being finances. How do we know the difference between help and abuse? It’s simple. Is the helper acting on behalf of the elder person or are they taking advantage of the elder person’s finances?


  • Tech scams - The most popular scam of 2022 at FSB was the Tech Scam. Tech Scams are when the “bad guy” pretends to work for a Tech Company like Microsoft. The “bad guy” calls our customer saying they will be charged for Microsoft. When our customer asks to cancel it, the “bad guy” asks our customer to give him remote access to their computer. This results in an iBanking hack and possible money loss for the customer or FSB.
  • Romance scams - Online dating is popular at this day in age but be careful! Many people who use online dating websites are not trying to find love but are trying to find money. Please educate customers, family, and friends. Customers should NEVER give money to a romantic partner they have not met in person yet.

Inconsistent activity

  • Example: A person over the age of 70 years old buying $500 college text books every month. How many 70-year old’s buy $500 worth of college text books? Many 70-year old’s are retired, not in college.

Suspicious activity

  • Example: An ice cream truck depositing $30,000 every 3 days from sales in December. Does that make sense? With Iowa’s winter how could an ice cream truck make $30,000 every 3 days? Sounds fishy!

Where do I find the form?

OnBase > Forms > Incident Reporting

Incident Type Drop down menu:

  • Deposit/Ibanking - most common
  • Loan
  • General - other incidents, like a customer falling on ice

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