A day in the life of Quality Control

Meridith Cuvelier
August 18, 2023
Take a look at the day in Quality Control - QC led by Meridith Cuvelier.
Our team focuses on the compliance of loans and the security of our lien on the collateral. We want all the things in line when the loan goes on the books, and then monitor all the things to make sure we stay having what we need. We are your double checkers when it comes to the loans.



·        Checklists – Reviewing the commercial, mortgage, and installment loans to catch errors and check compliance within necessary documents.

·        Ticklers – monitor, create, and satisfy ticklers to ensure appropriate documents are received from customers.

·        Doc Review – Review multitudes of documents to ensure correct indexing and making sure we have wet signatures for loan documents.

·        Title work – ordering, releasing, and comparing to ensure our lien on real estate is perfected and intact.

·        Adverse Action Notices on denied and withdrawn deposit accounts.

·        Collections – monitor and act on delinquent accounts with appropriate notification, letters, and filings. This includes the past duelist that is produced every Monday.

·        Appraisals—ordering and review of all valuations for commercial loans, and some mortgage loans. Whether it be from an appraiser, a 3rdparty system, or internal          analysis.

·        Final commercial HMDA review – Analyze loans to determine if they are truly HMDA reportable after checklist submission and final review.

·        Print Notices – We process and mail all past due, billing, and maturity notices for the loans.

·        Insurance – Open and index all the mail that contains insurance or our collateral. We sift through and find what is needed and missing to be uploaded and updated.          Also force placing insurance at any point necessary when insurance is not compliant.

·        Flood – Our team manages the bank’s flood portfolio. Any property that is in a flood zone is monitor closely for proper insurance.

·        UCC’s – we file, update, and terminate these UCC’s on a daily basis pertaining to the purpose of the lien.



·        Loan to Value – Calculate percentages for excess loan to value. This is presented quarterly at BOD.

·        Reporting – QC produces and sends out multiple reports for comment to loan officers on a weekly/monthly basis.

.        Tickler Report, FP Insurance Report, Outstanding Insurance Report, Past Due Report, ORE Report, and OD Account Report.



·        Red Flag Review- ensure the errors submitted for RedFlags were properly satisfied and issued.

·        Non-Escrowed loans – complete a sample review to ensure property taxes are paid on our collateral that are not paid via the escrow account.

·        Approved Appraisers Audit- ensure we have all documentation for our appraisers we utilize on a daily basis.

·        Flood Audit – ensure our flood procedures are working and everything is in compliance.



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