Annual Performance Review Dates

Vicki Parsons
February 15, 2024

As part of our ongoing commitment to fostering growth and development within our organization, I am pleased to announce the dates of our annual performance review process.


The performance review is an integral component of our culture, serving as an opportunity for both managers and employees to reflect on accomplishments, discuss areas of improvement, and set goals for the upcoming year. Here are some key points regarding the performance review process:


1. Timeline: Self-evaluation forms will kick out to     staff via OnBase on 2/19/2024.  Please complete them promptly as managers only have until the end of March to schedule and complete reviews. Your self-evaluation remarks will remain on the form your manager completes so please include your initials after your comments on each section.  Once you’ve checked the box at the bottom of the form that is completed, the form will move forward the next day when the cycle runs and there is nothing you need to do to move it on in the workflow. Here is a link to the form for your review.


2. Documentation: Employees are encouraged to gather and add notes in your self-evaluation of any achievements in the past year, such as project reports, metrics, and successes, to aid in the review process. Managers will also compile their observations and feedback for each team member.

3. Feedback: Performance reviews are a two-way dialogue. Employees are encouraged to share their own perspectives, challenges, and aspirations during the review meeting. Open communication is key to fostering a supportive and growth-oriented environment.

4. Goal Setting: Together, managers and employees will establish clear and achievable goals for the upcoming review period. These goals should align with both individual and organizational objectives, contributing to personal growth and the overall success of the team.

5. Continuous Feedback: While the performance review process provides a formal opportunity for feedback, we encourage ongoing dialogue between managers and employees throughout the year. Regular check-ins and constructive feedback are essential for professional development and performance improvement.


Please feel free to reach out to your manager or me if you have any questions or require assistance throughout the performance review process.


Thank you for your dedication and contributions to our organization. Your hard work and commitment are truly appreciated.

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