April Compliments

Madisen Ryan Shepard
May 9, 2024

Read below to see all the awesome things your coworkers were up to in April. This month's randomly selected winners of a $25 Amazon gift card are Heather Even (Giver) and Jared Schmit (Receiver)! Congratulations!

If you're someone who has never submitted a compliment I encourage you to make it a goal to submit one this month! It would be amazing to see some new names come up on the list. Your coworkers are doing great things so make sure you recognize them for it!

Giver: Zach Tryon

Receiver: Dan Ramirez

Dan is the man. I got a shazam alert letting me know there were transactions going through my debit card that I didn't authorize, and Dan was quick to help me get everything fixed. He made the process extremely simple, helping me shut the card off, order me a new one, and walked me through all of the transactions trying to post. He helped me get it resolved before more were able to go through. Dan is no longer the "new guy" still in training. He has been super quick to picking things up and a great customer service face for the bank. Thank you, Dan!!

Giver: Kate Reicherts

Receiver: Gracee Brooks

Gracee questioned a loan payment from a Habitat customer who didn't bring in the full amount and knew she needed to, the account is tied up in a bankruptcy, so we want to follow attorney instruction. She politely declined being able to apply anything less than the full amount, and it was paid correctly the next day. Thank you for keeping an eye out on the accounts and more importantly handling the customer in a professional manner. Great catch!

Giver: Zack Lane

Receiver: Lizzy Weber

Called Jim to follow up on his recent auto loan. He was very pleased with Lizzy and appreciated her professionalism and respectfulness during the application process!

Giver: Dorothy Back

Receiver: Zack Lane

I had an issue I was struggling to resolve with a business customer's online banking. I emailed business support looking for help and Zack responded right away and even did a video chat with us so we could see how to navigate the screen in question. The customers were so grateful to have their issue resolved, but Zack even provided his direct extension to confirm they could access it the same at their home computer. He always does an excellent job providing clear instructions and taking the extra step to help our customers (and me!) Thank you, Zack!

Giver: Audrey Clayton

Receiver: Zack Lane

Zach is always willing to jump right on the externals and complete them in a timely manner. If that's us emailing out or him going in there on his own. Thanks Zach its greatly appreciated.

Giver: Luke Knutson, Customer Joshua A.

Receiver: Ashley Higgins

Josh walked into the branch and went to Ashley's station. I could hear bits and pieces of their conversation, but Joshua was rather direct with his questions and a tad hard to understand. Ashley was helping him with the mobile app getting downloaded and was being very patient. After completing the transaction, Josh came into my office as i was talking to Jesse and asked for a manager to which I told him we'd both be able to relay whatever he needs. Josh said, "the gal up front was the best" and helped him with everything he needed. He admitted himself that he can be difficult, doesn't like people and can have issues communicating. He said he goes to Veridian, and their staff is not accommodating at all. Great job Ashley to remain patient and help a client in need even if they're not being the friendliest or easy to talk to. The fun and happy customers are always easy to help, the difficult ones can be tougher to provide the same service. Ashley never has an issue with consistent, great service. Keep it up, Ashley!

Giver: Luke Knutson

Receiver: Sadie Moser

I want to compliment Sadie on the impact and effort she's made since joining the FSB family and CF team. She's showed initiative to grow her skills and learn in as many areas as possible. Specifically, I've heard multiple interactions with Sadie talking to customers and asking "How was your trip?" or extending conversations beyond banking needs and into personal life, which I personally believe places hooks into customers more than anything. She recently took some time off and when she came back today (4/11/24), I've heard at least two customers ask about her being gone and her saying she was just on vacation. Customers associate Sadie with FSB CF and her presence up front. Keep up the rapid growth and great customer service. The customers and staff appreciate your efforts. Great job, Sadie!

Giver: Haleigh Sperfslage

Receiver: Mindy Hendrickson

A shout out goes to Mindy for all of the time and hard work she has put into teaching her Financial Lit courses within the Waterloo School District. Mindy recently invited me to attend Waterloo East's consumer math class to present on mortgage lending and the home buying process. This was a four day span and Mindy put a lot of work into organizing this with the teacher and both of our schedules. I learned she creates a custom Power Point for each class/school she presents at pending the age group and type of class she is presenting to. Her personality and past coaching experience of 20+ years is perfect for this as the kids were fully engaged throughout the whole hour and they asked great questions which is hard to receive from high school students. Not only is Mindy teaching the youth the importance of banking/budgeting/financial life skills that they might not learn from home/school, but I am certain the kids will be going to her for their banking needs due to this. Way to go above and beyond for the kids and also for FSB!

Giver: Zack Lane

Receiver: Nathan Hill

Always appreciate Nathan's willingness to take requests and complete them in a timely manner. Had an account closing today and he offered to submit the closing form which helped immensely while we were busy in VB!

Giver: Haleigh Sperfslage

Receiver: Jared Schmit

I was out of the office Friday afternoon attending a wedding and one of my primary realtor partners reached out needing quotes asap on a property that one of our commercial/mortgage customers needed as they were going to place an offer. In typical Friday real estate fashion, this inquiry was at the end of the day on Friday. Without hesitation, Jared reached out to both the realtor and customer via phone and sent a detailed email of what the financing structure would look like to put the customer's mind at ease prior to placing an offer. This isn't the first time Jared has done this for me and I appreciate him being a great team player! Thanks Jared!

Giver: Angie Sabers

Receiver: Lizzy Weber

Lizzy was talking to a customer who I assume is normally a Dunkerton customer.  I overheard Lizzy speaking about the Dunkerton hours and why they were changed as the customer must have been asking and she did a really good job.  She explained why the decision was made from the bank standpoint but then also stated that customers seem to like it more having the branch being open the entire day rather than just the afternoons.  This is probably the explanation she's always given but I've never heard her speak with customers about it.  It really did sound great and the customer was happy with what she was telling him.  Good job Lizzy!

Giver: Nick Delagardelle

Receiver: Elizabeth Maletta

Elizabeth recently helped me out with a CD renewal for customer and it turned into 3 more CD's. I certainly appreciate her help and wanted to give a shout out to Elizabeth for handling all the additional CD's without hesitation! Thank you for your help and great customer service!

Giver: Jill Else

Receiver: Michelle Schissel, Linda Vogel, and Lizzy Weber

Shout out to Michelle, Linda, and Lizzy, for showing so much kindness, compassion, and patience (of saints) with the numerous fraud and scam situations they deal with, especially with repeat customers and our elderly.  You do a wonderful job.

Giver: Lizzy Weber, Customer Mary S.

Receiver: Pam Schares

Pam lined up several food trucks to come sit in the Dunkerton parking lot and customer Mary S sent the following email: I bought my supper from Fat Boy’s Food Truck tonight. It was very delicious. It’s so nice to have this available in our community. Thank you. So, thank you for taking the time to line those up, Pam your customers appreciate it!

Giver: Denise Clark

Receiver: Elizabeth Maletta

I had a call from the daughter of a customer stating that her dad had fallen and broke his shoulder and would most likely have to be moved to an assisted living facility.  She wasn't sure who she needed to talk to about her parent’s accounts.  I contacted Elizabeth and she immediately set up a time to meet with the POA and worked with her in reviewing everything and getting accounts updated.  Thank you, Elizabeth, for your prompt attention.

Giver: Lauren Woods

Receiver: Dan Ramirez

Having someone who speaks Spanish on our team has enhanced the customer experience for several customers. There are a few customers who know to ask for Daniel when they call in, and he is always happy to help. Thank you Daniel for bringing a new skill to our team that I don't know how we survived without before you came to FSB!

Giver: Lauren Woods

Receiver: Tina Hogan

I had a customer stop me at daycare drop off today. They said that they've had the best banking experience with us because of Tina Hogan. She said that Tina has helped her several times and the customer knows that even if Tina doesn't answer her call, if she leaves a message she will get back to her right away. She was very thankful for Tina's service! She also mentioned that anytime she has an issue she calls the contact center, and they have the resources to get to the bottom of any issue she has. She feels confident in our bank because of Tina and the contact center.

Giver: Heather Even

Receiver: Pam de Neui

Pam is always so patient and does an excellent job explaining the "how to and why of things" to front line and back office. Thanks for being you Pam 🙂

Giver: Pam de Neui

Receiver: Kristin Walters

I just want to give a shout out to Kristin.  She is always so positive and ready to help with things that we may need her to do.  I appreciate her very much.  And even though I may not see her daily interaction with customers I am sure they appreciate the job she does as well.

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