August Compliments

Madisen Ryan Shepard
October 3, 2023
Thank you to all those who submitted a compliment and great work to those who received one! August's $25 Amazon gift winners are, Angie Sabers (Giver) and Josh Schrofer (Receiver).

If you haven't submitted a compliment in a while (or ever), make it a goal this month to recognize someone you see doing great things or just someone who made your day a little easier/brighter.

Giver: Haleigh Sperfslage

Receiver: Abby Sears

Abby referred Donna O to me to finance a jumbo mortgage purchase. Abby has been Donna's private banker since they moved to FSB and Donna had great things to say about FSB when checking on the status of their home search

"I am so grateful to have such a good partnership with you and FSB! We LOVE our bank because of people like you!"

Thank you for always going above and beyond for your customers, Abby!

Giver: Karla Tri

Receiver: Alex Main

Martinson Company called Friday in regard to a payroll issue that they had.  Alex jumped in and quickly made changes to allow for same day ACH to send the correction.  Shortly after they had another change and not long after another change.  Alex was super helpful and a good sport about having to jump back into their account for multiple times.  Thanks Alex!

Giver: Jesus Ramirez

Receiver: Jordan Nomansen

Jordan and I went to close a loan with a client. Jordan took the lead for the closing and was very professional during the whole process. He was very courteous and assured everything went very smoothly. It was a very good learning experience for me and I was able to pick up a lot of knowledge from him.

Giver: Angie Sabers

Receiver: Dorothy Back

Dorothy has done 46 coversheets in 8 days.  This does not count the accounts that other branches have had to submit for her because she was with customers herself.  Dorothy has done a great job working through everything while learning as she goes.

Giver: Jordan Nomansen

Receiver: Sydney Truex

Sydney has been exceptionally helpful when it comes to spreads. Historically, I have done my own personal and business spreads for loan customers. As of late, by the time I start the process, Sydney has already completed them. Very helpful, and saves me a bunch of time! Thank you Sydney!

Giver: Kate Reicherts

Receiver: Ross Jensen

Anytime we have a question in a customer's account in Banklabs, Ross is quick to jump in an investigate and take the extra steps to assist the customer or the bank on behalf of the LO when needed. Servicing has come to rely on his expertise and response time and wanted to make sure he is recognized for that!

Giver: Mike Kieszkowski

Receiver: Todd Marsh

One of the bank's vendors recently had a security breach and Todd very quickly gathered up all the facts to present/report to the examiners and insurance company.  Thank you Todd!

Giver: Mike Kieszkowski

Receiver: Catherine Shafer

Catherine has done a very good job of keeping track of all the OREO accounting and keeping the accounting department up-to-date on transactions.  She has made the process very easy for everyone.  Thank you Catherine.

Giver: Tiffany Coffin

Receiver: Lydia Varboncoeur

My client complimented Lydia and Jennifer that they are always so kind and helpful when she calls in. She even asked that I make sure I let them know that she really appreciates it!

Giver: Josh Rekers

Receiver: Ross Jensen

Had a construction closing with Paul/Makenze Y last week and prior I contacted Ross about sitting down with them right after closing to go over the draw process and construction software. Ross was more than willing to help and meet with them. I think overall this is a great process that can help the customers and also help Ross and others that deal with the construction loans on our end as I know there are a lot of moving parts for everyone involved.

Giver: Tiffany Coffin

Receiver: Jacob Myrvik

I had a client who needed a wire to go out today. Jacob made multiple phone calls to make sure it happened. He spent a lot of time working on this today and I really appreciate his help in making sure we were able to get it processed!

Giver: Angie Sabers

Receiver: Shane Illing

We have a customer that has applied with us twice at the end of June.  She is now applying again and Shane worked the application.  I know the customer personally and know that she can be a little difficult to deal with so I gave Shane the heads up.  When Shane had to call her to deny her, she started crying on the phone which Shane said he's not good with. 🙂  Even though we were not able to do what the customer wanted, he talked her through some different options on what she could do which I'm sure the customer appreciated.  It sounds like she was just at a loss and I think based on what Shane told me, he did an excellent job talking her through some things.  Shane even though you say you aren't good when customers start crying, I can almost bet you did an amazing job with her.

Giver: Zack Lane

Receiver: Dorothy Back

Shirley W had a password change, which I called to confirm that she had initiated. She was in the Waverly branch being assisted by Dorothy and told me she was doing a wonderful job assisting her. Shirley greatly appreciated Dorothy's help navigating our online platform and figuring out her new cell phone!

Giver: Alex Vlach

Receiver: Josh Schrofer

I helped with a loan closing for Josh S while he was on PTO and the buying agent (Stephanie Anania at Re/Max) was extremely complimentary of Josh's communication and process on the transaction even though she had not yet met him in person. This agent had never worked with FSB previously but mentioned she has already provided 3-4 of her buyers with Josh's information and recommended they reach out to FSB and that she wanted to connect for a coffee/lunch meeting.

Giver: Haleigh Sperfslage

Receiver: Ashley Higgins, Lexie Heath

Anne is the seller of a home I am financing for the new buyers and she is also a customer of FSB. After learning she banks at FSB, she wanted to make it known she loves working with Ashley and Lexie at the Cedar Falls office. She appreciates how friendly and happy they always are which brightens her day.

Giver: Lauren Woods

Receiver: Austin Harris

I received a text from Shane S who did a large check deposit at the ITM on Monday night after 5pm. I introduced Shane to our ITM last week and told him to try it out sometime. He was very pleased with Austin's customer service skills! Thank you Austin for providing top notch customer service to our customers through all the channels we use!

Giver: Grant Stevens

Receiver: Jared Schmit

Jared's attention to detail and thoroughness has always made the processing/underwriting process a lot less cumbersome.  Just had a file with several invoices and receipts to go through and he broke everything out on excel making it a lot easier for us to go through and track everything.

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