BAI Online Training System Replacement

Vicki Parsons
February 9, 2024

I am pleased to announce that we are implementing a new online training system: BVS Dynamic Learning from BVS Performance Solutions. BVS will replace our current BAI Learning system on March 1, 2024. BVS Dynamic Learning will help us continue to excel at serving our customers as well as meeting our business objectives. I think you’ll find it educational and fun to use.


BVS Dynamic Learning gives us access to hundreds of online courses. It also features:

  • the BVS Learning Management System (LMS) for reporting on, and keeping records of, our training activities.
  • the Compliance Center, which provides articles, job aids and personal online assistance with compliance questions.
  • the Communications Center is where online, live instruction can be provided to employees without traveling to other locations.
  • course- and test-making tools, which allow us to design our own online courses.
  • course customization tools, for modifying BVS courses to include our own information.
  • curriculum development and assignment tools.


Later this month, I’ll be providing more details and a User ID and instructions on how to get started. Weare pleased to partner with BVS Performance Solutions to provide you with training that is efficient, easy to use, educational, and fun.  We are storing your BAI transcripts for future reference.

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