Between Two Plates #2 - Kwik Star Rib Sandwich

Jason Klein
April 6, 2023

As a podcast of the people, our next review request was sourced from a loyal listener, everyone’s favorite Cashier, Maggie Hallman. The subject is the BBQ Pork Rib Sandwich from Kwik Star on San Marnan / Ansborough. Also included on the review, a late entrant to the contest, are actual ribs smoked by Risetter. B2A is also joined in tasting by Jacob Hackman, because he needed gas from Kwik Star (premium only), he was hungry, and he is an all-around good guy.

Hack: I don’t normally take my clothes off when I eat, but I do for special occasions like this (Hackman takes off his FSB pullover revealing an FSB polo, always a company man)

Nick D: I do not know why Hackman took his pullover off. The sandwich was obviously not saucy enough to be sloppy.

JK: I have to say, this Kwik Star sando is basic on all fronts. The bun is a hot dog bun, there are no toppings other than standard BBQ sauce on the top side of the meat only. The actual ribs had far better flavor and texture. Risetter goes heavy with the rub and light with the sauce like a real pro. The sando meat was probably more ‘tender’, with tender in quotes because it is not real meat. There are a couple positives for the sando, it took less than five minutes to get there and back from TP and it costs $1.59. Just beware you need to budget three or four of them to be satisfied after eating.

Nick D: Overall rating of 6.9. (Double Down earned a 7.3, for comparison) Solid return on investment here. Not going to blow you away with flavor like Ryan’s ribs, but excellent value with this price point.

Hack: From TP to Kwik Star and back it took about 5~ minutes. The sandwich had good flavor, mostly from the BBQ sauce that was on the sandwich. Based on the time sticker, I think our sandwiches were under the warmer for 15 minutes or more, but they were still hot. Meat was tender and overall good flavor. It would take 3 of these sandwiches to fill me – so for a meal you’re looking at less than $5 on food leaving plenty of room for a large Dr. Pepper. As an honorary judge, my decision comes down to 1) it’s quick 2) some good flavor 3) it’s cheap. I’m all in on this BBQ Pork Rib Sandwich from K-Star. I was told not as good as the double down – so a score of 6.9 it is. The Risetter ribs were microwaved since they were cooked the night prior - but still had that great smoke ring, great smokey taste and all-around fantastic rack of ribs. No sauce needed for these. If you haven’t had Risetter’s ribs in the past, I highly recommend – 8.7.

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