KFC Double Down Food Review from B2A

Nick Delagardelle
March 31, 2023

To say thank you for doing me a solid, I told Jason Klein that I would buy him lunch. Klein's top choice, the new Double Down chicken sandwich from KFC. This sandwich was resurrected after 10 years of being off the market and consists of two deep fried chicken breasts (in replacement of the sandwich buns) with cheese, bacon and mayonnaise in the middle. For anyone dabbling in keto, perhaps give this low carb option a try.

Klein and I both enjoyed this sandwich and were lucky enough to not suffer from any heart blockages either. The chicken that replaced the buns held together better than expected. The bacon was a nice touch without being too overwhelming. I enjoyed the amount of cheese on the sandwich, however, Jason felt it was a bit too much for him. If you don't mind a little grease, this sandwich is worth a try. On a very unofficial scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest rating, we'd give the KFC Double Down a 7.3. When Jason was asked how he physically felt the afternoon after consuming the Double Down he stated, "it never got real bad, but it wasn't good either".

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