Changes to Business Checking Accounts

Adam Heineman
March 9, 2023

In an effort to decrease the number of confusing fees in the business fee schedule, FSB is moving towards a monthly fee model that promotes packages for utilizing our services.

What’s Going Away?

  • Remote Deposit Service Fee $10.00
  • ACH Origination Service Fee $10.00
  • Business Sweep Fee $25.00
  • ACH File Reversal Fee $25.00
  • ACH Same Day File Fee $10.00
  • Certain number of transaction allotment with $0.25 overages

What’s New?

  • Business Basic Account – No Monthly Charge – No Per transaction fee or allotment
  • Business Commercial Account – Silver Package – ACH or Remote Deposit - $20.00 a month fee
  • Business Commercial Account – Gold Package – ACH, Remote Deposit, Positive Pay, and/or Sweep Services - $40.00 a month fee
  • Business Commercial Account – Platinum Package – All Treasury Services with a customized monthly fee to fit their activity and needs.

This monthly fee will be applied to the Analysis and can be offset by an Earning Credit.

Most Business Accounts will start in the Business Basic package, until a Treasury Management employee at the bank is involved, and completes application and setup.

We have also increased the Cash Processing Fee allotment from $7,000 to $10,000. And then charged $0.10 per $100.00

The Paper Statement Fee has also been lowered to $5.00 a month for the Commercial Checking Account to match the fee amount on the Business Basic.

At your convenience please familiarize yourself with these changes on our website. Compare Business Accounts

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