Corridor Branch Gathering

Lizzy Weber
March 26, 2024

On Monday 3/4 the Corridor branches (Jesup/Dunkerton/Gilbertville) got together to have some fun with Trivia Night.

I spent some time on Google gathering several questions in several categories. It’s safe to say that Presidential Trivia was the most difficult of the night BUT did you know that 8 Presidents died while in office? 4 were assassinated and 4 of natural causes. Well, now you do! 😊

We had a banking category- which only last 4 questions before everyone voted for a new category, as well as an FSB specific category. Fun Fact: Jill Else has been with the bank longer than Rod Duroe with 32 years to his 31!

It was a tight race but Danielle, Nicole, Jacob and Jane’s team came out on top. Due to the not work-appropriate nature of the team names, I will not share what they came up with. :P

Our very own Kelly Peyton was able to pop-in for a little bit of the fun and I have a picture to prove it!

I highly recommend doing Trivia at your branches and if you need the questions, I have the work already done for you. Do keep in mind that my crew has fact checked me on at least 3 questions so far so maybe start out by saying ‘According to Google and nothing was fact checked’.

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