December Compliments

Madisen Ryan Shepard
January 5, 2024

Below is the last batch of compliments given in 2023! Make it a goal to kick the New Year off by recognizing at least 1 fellow employee this month (especially if you've never submitted one before!). Your coworkers are doing great things so be sure to recognize them! A compliment can be given by filling out the form in OnBase.

December's randomly selected $25 Amazon gift card winners are: Brian Forsythe (receiver) and Karla Tri (giver). Congrats!

Giver: Jacey Cordes
Receiver: Shane Illing
Shane is always consistent with his notes on the IL extensions that come through. It is really helpful to the booking team to know which payment is being skipped so we don't have to go digging around. We really appreciate the extra time he takes to add that for us. Thanks Shane!

Giver: Zack Lane
Receiver: Alex Main
Had a customer with RDC issues and we needed to call Jack Henry to assist with the issue. This process is still very new to me and I didn't feel comfortable taking it on alone. Called Alex for help and I appreciate that he never makes me feel bothersome and even offered to make the call for me! Means a lot to have coworkers I can rely on and feel good about asking for a hand!

Giver: Nick Delagardelle
Receiver: Caleb Rosonke
Shout out to Caleb. I've had a rash of last minute-ish loan requests over the last couple weeks and he's taken most of them and turned them around in only a day or two. Appreciate the quick turn and willingness to always help out where he can. Thanks Caleb!

Giver: Angie Sabers
Receiver: Kristin Walters
The customer has been told that they need to call the main number as Jacob and Mindy aren't always there or available which was the case that day.  The customer was annoyed when they came into the branch and Kristin reminded the customer why it's important that they call the main number and relay the message as Mindy was out, Jacob was out and we were assisting customers and not able to answer the phone.  She explained it in a very nice way yet was very professional about the importance of it as well.  Kristin did a great job that day knowing who the customers were and relaying that information to me since I don't ever work there.  It was a fun day Kristin and you really did a great job handling the branch!

Giver: Jesse Gleason
Receiver: Karla Tri
I inherited a handful of customers from Bill when he retired and have worked hard to gain their trust.  One of the smartest things I have done is let Karla "do what she does" which is provide superior customer service on a consistent basis.  It has become apparent to me that these are her customers and I'm just along for an easy ride.  We delivered some gifts last week and received a nice email back from Brent Jones at Baja Trucking thanking us for the gift but more importantly for everything we do for Baja on a yearly basis (nice of him to include me because it is 99% Karla).  When making deliveries to other companies the smiles on their faces and the hugs exchanged confirms everything I already knew.  Thanks Karla for taking such good care of our customers and helping with the transition from Bill to the rest of us, it is much appreciated!

Giver: Jason Klein
Receiver: Josh Nolan
Habitat used the hive conference room last week. the projector went bad mid meeting. Nolan changed it out. today i got an email from Kristy from Habitat, she said Nolan was very helpful. Nice work, Josh!

Giver: Luke Knutson
Receiver: Dorothy Back
I read Dorothy's Waverly Branch article posted on 12/19/23. I thought the article was very well done and was cool to see her lay out the objectives for the team over the last few months or so, both work and personal. A lot of the leadership training I took part in in 2023 focused on investing in your team on a personal level. If you know what makes them tick outside of work, you will know what motivates them at work. This article was an awesome insight into seeing what the team is doing at FSB, as well as in their personal lives. Great article and I think it provides great insight to the outside team members for the Waverly team is up to. Kudos Dorothy!

Giver: Karla Tri
Receiver: Adam Heineman
One of our customers was having issues adding external accounts to his i-banking.  The other bank was rejecting the micro deposits because the account name wasn't matching when the deposits came through.  Adam took the time to research this issue and assist with the changes before it became a complete frustration for the customer (and myself).  Thank you Adam for taking the time to get this done!

Giver: Catherine Shafer
Receiver: Shelby Myler
Thank you to Shelby for making the FSB holiday party and Giftmas such a fun experience again this year. Planning events and organizing the gifts are both significant tasks and take immense time and creativity. I appreciate all that FSB does year round but specifically at the holidays and I know a large part of that experience is due to Shelby's hard work!

Giver: Jacob Sapp
Receiver: Tom Amlie
With limited frontline staff and part time schedules, I have spent some time as the only teller at downtown. There have been times where I have lines in the lobby and drive up, and Tom will come out and greet customers and take drop offs, and have conversations with them to buy me time. It is so important for customers to be acknowledged and helped efficiently and I want to thank Tom for helping me do that.

Giver: Meridith Cuvelier
Receiver: Heidi Abben
I was at the Community Honda Dealership buying a new car, and the finance manager (Jeremy Olds) mentioned that Heidi is who he went to for all his mortgage needs. Looking at his RIM he only got a mortgage in 2020 but the fact he remembered Heidi and how nice she was 3 years ago says a lot about her customer service!

Giver: Meridith Cuvelier
Receiver: Tom Amlie
While I was at the Community Honda Dealership, both the sales manager and the finance manager mentioned that they were sad that FSB left the dealer paper game. They both commented that we were their favorites to work with, and are sad they're left with Veridian and GSCU. Both of them specifically mentioned Tom and how great he was to work with when he was doing dealer loans. They both hope we come back to the dealer world.

Giver: Brian Forsythe
Receiver: Josh Rekers
Big thank you to Josh Rekers for helping out with the past due reports during the holidays. We always have a lot of employees out of the office during this time of year and Josh always steps up to help reach out to other RSM's customers who are past due on their payments. Thank you, Josh!

Giver: Tiffany Garrison
Receiver: Adam Heineman
I wanted to give recognition to Adam! He does a good job at all the tens of millions of tasks he does. On top of being short staffed, and full of additional daily tasks, he was able to help me complete a same day ACH request before the cutoff. A request was submitted to our Business Support team. By the time I personally noticed the request, we had about 10 minutes to complete before our daily cutoff. The customer was in communication and Adam was able to help us in the backend. The transaction was able to be submitted before the cutoff. It was a relief to our customer, & a huge thank you to Adam for being prompt on it as well!

Giver: Jacey Cordes
Receiver: Jake Vehlewald
A customer called in and had questions about why the rate increased so much on his HELOC. Josh was out so VB called Loan Group and Jake took the call with no issues. He explained to the customer that the lower initial rate was only good for one year and the reason for the big jump was from Prime increasing so much within the last year which is something we have no control over. Being upstairs we rarely speak to customers but he did a great job!

Giver: Ryan Risetter
Receiver: Jacob Myrvik
Received a note from Craig C. about how happy he is working with Jacob Myrvik.  Craig noted that Jacob is excellent to work with and is truly an outstanding employee!  
Well deserved Jacob!  Keep up the great work.  RJR

Giver: Ryan Risetter
Receiver: Jacob Hackman
Craig C. reached out to let me know how much he enjoys working with Jacob Hackman.  Craig noted the excellent customer service and guidance that Jacob has provided that has made his experience truly special.  
Keep up the great work Jacob.   RJR

Giver: Catherine Shafer
Receiver: Jacey Cordes
I really appreciate how Jacey operates. She is efficient and is always on top of a form or task that I submit through the workflow. She also considers impacts to GLs and the bigger picture when processing which definitely makes things operate more smoothly. I sincerely appreciate her attitude and that she is not afraid to ask a question when she's unsure. I am confident she will continue to excel in her new role!

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