February Compliments

Madisen Ryan Shepard
March 7, 2024

Read below to get caught up on all the awesome things your coworkers were up to in February! Keep up the great work, everyone!

This month's randomly selected winners of a $25 Amazon gift card are Adam Heineman (giver) and Denise Clark (receiver). Congrats!

Giver: Ashley Higgins
Receiver: Lauren Becker

Today Lauren helped stop another customer from wire fraud! Lauren is really great at noticing when a wire situation seems sketchy and asking questions to try to get the customer to give more information (often when the customer isn't providing much initially). I just think its really awesome how many people she has helped avoid fraud. It is also really helpful for us on the front line when Lauren tells us the red flags that she picked up on- so we can also be better at identifying fraud!

Giver: Kara Larson
Receiver: Kristin Walters

There was a gal who came into the bank and Kristen was helping her with her CD. She was very grateful for Kristen's help and asked for her name so she could remember her for next time. Good work Kristen!

Giver: Ryan Risetter/Customer Carol M.
Receiver: Abby Sears

Abby graciously stepped in for me while I was out for my Dad's services.   She took on a new client meeting and handled the Earl S. Estate close out at Beecher Law Firm in my absence.   She stepped in without hesitation and handled all of the business at hand with amazing skill and grace.   I can't thank Abby enough for her efforts and assistance over the past week while I was out.  This was just one example of the many things she completed.   Below is a snip from the email received from client.  

“Hello Ryan,

Abby is wonderful!  Very knowledgeable and easy to work with. The closing went well.  It was fun and we're all glad that chapter has been closed successfully!  We were all astounded to hear about your dad having such a similar fall and brain bleed like our dad. I hope you're doing well and I look forward to meeting you sometime in the future.

Very best regards,

Carol M.”

Giver: Bob Hansen
Receiver: Ben Saak

Ben has been a great addition to the Premier team.  He is always happy to help and eager to learn.  These are great qualities and enjoy what he brings to the team!

Giver: Jeff Siders
Receiver: Ben Saak

Ben was given a probably boring but necessary task of gathering out of state income information from Premier commissions needed for the tax return.  This involved going thru some large excel files, well over 6000 rows of data I believe, this was a multiple day task.   Not the most glamorous work, but he did it and got the information completed in a very timely manner.  Thanks Ben

Giver: Lauren Woods
Receiver: Adam Heineman

The Business Support team ran into a situation with a customer where their ACH pass thru file was rejected from the fed. Adam explained it in depth in an email with instructions for the customer. I took over working on it even though I'm not super comfortable with ACH pass thru files yet. Adam continued to help, made sure I understood, and came downstairs to do some training on the situation. Adam has been patient and always willing to teach ever since the Business Support team started, and we all really appreciate it!

Giver: Adam Heineman
Receiver: Audrey Clayton, Denise Clark, Heather Even, Pam de Neui, and Garrett Weber

Shout out to the work Audrey, Denise, Garrett, Heather, and Pam have done with the bank procedures in relation to deceased customer/active account tracking and reporting.  For many years, we spent the first month of the year fixing 1099s to adjust interest amounts as of date of death.  Now we have a workflow to monitor tasks, letters for customers, in year adjustments being done, and procedures to follow.   Great Job to everyone for the brainstorming done to come up with a process and putting it into existence.

Giver: Lizzy Weber
Receiver: Jacob Hackman

Jacob's attention to detail is remarkable. We work together a lot and there is never a question about account stuff because he lists out numbers/gives more detail to ensure it is done correctly the first time. He always has a positive attitude and is fun to work with. Thank you for being a great co-worker!

Giver: Jeff Siders
Receiver: Sadie Moser

Sadie had a check print wrong on a Saturday and no one able to void it that day.  She emailed accounting with an excellent description of what happened on the original check and what she did on the replacement check, complete information including check #s, amounts, and where each check was paid out of.  Perfect email.  Thank you, Sadie.

Giver: Nick Delagardelle
Receiver: Jesus Ramirez

Shout out to Zeus! A customer was having issues with his payroll and Zeus took the time to call the customer and walk him through the process of deleting an old ACH file and creating a new one to submit. He then worked with Deposit Group to ensure the customer's payroll gets processed on time. Not something that is typical of our job description, but Zeus took care of it anyway. Great customer service, Zeus!

Giver: Jill Else
Receiver: Kelly Peyton

Kelly has been working nonstop on new business, renewals, & annual reviews.  I have such a great support team whether it is a routine loan or a unique situation, from Kelly who gets the ball rolling and keeps the process running smoothly, to all involved in the approval process, CA’s, QC, Loan Ops, Loan Booking, my Jesup deposit/employee support, construction team, compliance, and I’m most likely forgetting someone.  Communication has been great.  I appreciate that I can sit & chat, or call if I would rather “talk it out” instead of email.  Thank you all!

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