Financial Literacy Classes with FSB!

Mindy Hendrickson
March 1, 2024

FSB and Financial Literacy!  

Since January of this year FSB has been more actively involved in our local communities by educating high school aged students on financial literacy. Recognizing the existing gap in education, we are eager to contribute by bridging that gap and offering quality guidance to those students.  Here are some of the places we have been so far:

Jesup High School:   2 classes- Lizzy
Don Bosco High School:  2 classes-Tina
Waterloo Career Center:  5 classes-Mindy, Elizabeth, Bryan Stow, IT
Waterloo West High:  6 classes-Mindy  
Columbus Catholic High:  Elizabeth will be teaching there next week.
Boy Scouts:  Amy Ganoe and Dorothy Back are in talks to work with the Scouts.
Cedar Falls Schools:  Lauren Becker has reached out to them and is waiting to schedule classes.
Waterloo Christian:  Lexi and Jordan have reached out in hopes of getting classes set up with those students.

More classes will be schedule soon!  If you have a connection with other area high schools who would like FSB experts to come and speak, please reach out to Tina, Jason H. or Mindy.

Here are a few photos from recent classes:

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