Iowa Division of Banking Exam starting this week! 

Danielle Trumbauer
February 15, 2024
Iowa Division of Banking Exam starting this week!
Starting sometime this week, and for the next 3-4 weeks, the Iowa Division of Banking (IDOB) will be doing the Bank’s safety and soundness and IT exam.  We often refer to this as the state exam that we have alternating with the FDIC exam every 18 months.  Some of the examiners will be onsite for the exam, although the number may vary from day to day. Some work will be performed remotely as well.  We have placed their work area on the third floor above the conference room.  If you see anyone odd wandering around, please ask who they are and how you can help them and direct them to the person they are looking for.  Also please be cognizant of your work areas, to ensure all customer is information is kept private and computers are secure at all times.
Maggie, Mike, Jason K and Dustin will be helping them as well as some others.    
Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thankyou everyone!

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