January Compliments

Madisen Ryan Shepard
February 5, 2024

You all gave more compliments this January than any other month in nearly 2 YEARS! The last time this many compliments were given in a single month was November 2022.

It's been amazing to see all the great things you've been up to! Keep up the great work and keep recognizing your coworkers when you see them do something awesome! Whether they're big accomplishments or small gestures, they all deserve to be recognized and shown appreciation!

January's randomly selected winners of a $25 Amazon gift card are: Vicki Parsons (giver) and Dan Ramirez (receiver). Congrats!

Giver: Melissa Schaefer

Receiver: Jeff Siders

Jeff and Fatima have been doing a great job of learning and taking over the cash gls from DG.  They have been asking a lot of great questions and learning the ins and outs of the tasks.  Great job!

Giver: Melissa Schaefer

Receiver: Fatima Pehlic

Jeff and Fatima have been doing a great job of learning and taking over the cash gls from DG.  They have been asking a lot of great questions and learning the ins and outs of the tasks.  Great job!

Giver: Lauren Becker

Receivers: Luke Knutson and Jesse Gleason

Received below emails from Luke K & Jesse G. This is just one example of many of the great team we have here in CF. Always willing to help each other out and always making sure someone is there for them- no matter what the task! Thank you, Luke, for your leadership within CF and FSB as a whole! We appreciate you!

“Good morning CF Team!

I’m extending my annual offer for free uber service if you need a ride to work due to snow. With the next few days looking like quite a bit of snow, I know it can be stressful to worry about getting to and from work. Feel free to text or call me if you’re having troubles with the roads or need a ride in to avoid missing work. My first winter working here, I had to get a ride from the prior bank president to Jesup – it happens! Lol.  Happy Monday! - Luke”

“I can help shuttle as well with my truck. - Jesse Gleason”

Giver: Kara Larson

Receiver: Zack Lane

Shout out to Zack who shoveled the walkway at TP during that big snowfall that we had! He even did so without any hat or gloves!

Giver: Josh Rekers/Customer Trevor B.

Receiver: Dan Ramirez

Customer showed up on my p/d report and had submitted a telepay a week prior. Turns out it came back due to no account found. Customer reached back out to Dan and Dan got him squared away with this payment and explained external account options for future payments. Mentioned how great Dan was to work with on this, good job Dan, keep it up!

Giver: Madisen  Ryan Shepard

Receiver: Josh Rekers

My mom (Deanna R.) let me know she worked with Josh on setting up an IL and that her experience working with him was great. She said she appreciated how easy he made the process and how quickly he was able to get things set up for her. She was very happy with his customer service and is very happy with her recent move to FSB from another bank. Great work, Josh!!

Giver: Karla Tri/Customer Successlink

Receiver: Pam de Neui

Last week Successlink called about a fraudulent check for $63,207.06 that cleared back in November.  They reached out at 10:00 a.m. and by 4:00 that afternoon Pam had the paperwork done and the funds back in their account.  Lisa just stopped in and said that they are completely speechless that the bank was able to get the money back in their account in 6 hours.  She stated "WE WILL NEVER LEAVE FARMERS STATE BANK"!  Thanks for the quick work Pam!

Giver: Luke Knutson/Customer Successlink

Receiver: Karla Tri

Karla fielded an email or call from Successlink that they noticed they had check fraud back in November. They had just noticed it was altered and of coursed a tad shook as it was ~$63k. Karla saw the request through and had the funds back in their account with the help of DG the same day the request came in. Brad sent Karla a personal thank you and very nice note of how much her service meant and the calmness yet quick response in getting those funds back. Today, Lisa delivered flowers to Karla as a thank you. This type of service happens every day with Karla and she never short cuts, she goes above and beyond for every customer she deals with. Her impression on customers has created so much customer loyalty to FSB because of that. THANK YOU KARLA

Giver: Tina Hogan/Customer Buck M.

Receiver: Lauren Becker

I received a call from customer Buck M.  Buck mentioned that he's created a lot of great relationships with employees at FSB, but he especially wanted to thank Lauren for her eagerness to help with all of his requests.  He mentioned Lauren is customer service focused and he has complete trust in her when handling his requests.  He said even when he sends his wife and children in to complete transactions, etc, Lauren always takes the best care of them.  Buck wanted to make sure Lauren was recognized for her amazing service.  Great job Lauren!

Giver: Amy Ganoe

Receiver: Amber Rhoades

Big kudos to Amber for actively engaging and establishing connections! She’s finding great ways to attract new clients, making her presence known in the community and groups she's actively apart of. We’ve made a promising beginning in fostering successful relations with both existing clients and potential new ones.

Giver: Tiffany Coffin

Receiver: Ben Saak

Ben has been a great addition to Premier. He has learned quickly and hit the ground running. I appreciate that I can send a task and know it will be completed. He does a great job of following up on items without being asked! Ben thank you for always being willing to help! We are really glad you have joined our team!

Giver: Vicki Parsons

Receiver: Garrett Weber

An incorrect date was assigned to several forms in OnBase causing them to go out ahead of schedule.  When I asked how I could fix it, Garrett corrected them and made all the updates for me.  I appreciate your help!

Giver: Haleigh Sperfslage/Customer Cynthia H.

Receiver: Tiffany Garrison

Cindy experienced fraud on her debit card and worked with Tiffany to resolve it. She had nothing but great things to say about Tiffany's customer service and wanted to make sure to pass along the good word of how painless Tiffany made it. Thank you, Tiffany!

Giver: Dan Ramirez/Customer Surama D.

Receiver: Amy Ganoe

Took a call early this morning for Surama. She had a case of fraudulent activity on her card and emailed at 1900. Amy responded quickly and Surama commented on how appreciative she was to receive an answer so quickly. At the end of the call Surama was praising Amy and commented that if it wasn't for Amy she would not even bank with us. I think that is proof of the amazing service Amy provides and how helpful she is in retaining customers! Thank you!

Giver: Mike Kieszkowski

Receiver: Adam Heineman

Adam did an excellent good job during the branch managers meeting this morning discussing the bank's financials and the importance of managing the core deposit base and describing its overall impact on the bank.

Giver: Mike Kieszkowski

Receiver: Jason Hosch

Jason did a great job during the branch managers meeting going over the bank's financials and recapping activity on the bank's consumer and overall loan portfolio for the year and discussing some of the methodologies used for pricing/volume management.

Giver: Amber Rhoades

Receiver: Josh Schrofer

My client, Drake was referred to Josh by his realtor and had fantastic compliments for Josh.  Josh not only helped them ease the process which has been very difficult for them so far.  Drake said he called his bank (Midwest One) and his mortgage loan officer gave him 2 minutes of his time never calling back.  Josh took care of everything immediately and put out a fire when the sale of their current home fell through.  Josh has gone above and beyond to guide Drake and for that he is so thankful he was referred to Josh.  Drake is a CPA but once his tax season is over he plans to take his remaining accounts form Midwest One Bank and having his full business and personal relationship with FSB.  He also plans to refer as many of his clients to Josh as he can.  Thanks for being so awesome Josh and helping to foster this relationship!

Giver: Zack Lane/Customer Linda T.

Receiver: Sara Hellman

Sara assisted Linda in a DC dispute on 1/22 and Linda wanted me to make note that she was very appreciative of Sara's helpfulness and urgency in resolving the fraudulent charge. She said Sara did absolutely wonderful and she thanks her sincerely!

Giver: Zack Lane

Receiver: Lauren Woods

Want to give Lauren a shout out! Last Friday she personally visited customer Larry Dalton to assist with an array of issues and braved through what sounded like a pretty gross physical environment in his home. This was the start to an incredibly busy day then, and her to-do list has only grown this week as she prepares for her vacation. I can tell she's been very stressed at times over this last week, but I greatly appreciate the fact that she never deflects that stress onto the VB team! While it would be very easy to allow these circumstances to negatively affect her attitude, she realizes the importance she plays in helping our team be successful. Putting others first is a mark of a great leader and Lauren embodies this wonderfully!

Giver: Fatima Pehlic

Receiver: Melissa Schaefer

In recent months, Accounting department took over of GL’s balancing from Deposit Group.

Shout out to Melissa for making the transition process smooth as much as possible, and sharing her knowledge and expertise with Jeff and I. We appreciate you!

Giver: Jeff Siders

Receiver: Kacie McCahen

ML processers helped track down some TINs and other related information that helped me out a lot in finishing up 1099-NECs this year.  It’s a time-consuming project and this was a big help.  Thank you!

Giver: Jeff Siders

Receiver: Josh Nolan/Bryan Stow

Josh (and Bryan) has helped me with a bunch of very odd IT issues in the last few months - excel problem, video playback issue, PDF foxit & probably a few other odd ones.   Some of these I am sure took up a fair bit of time as it was hard to pinpoint the issue.

Appreciate the time spent, Thanks.

Giver: Kristin Walters/Customer Marilyn W.

Receiver: Elizabeth Maletta

Elizabeth has been helping Marilyn W. with her IRA CDs as well as her standard CDs. Marilyn sent a signed document in the mail for Elizabeth. Along with the doc was a thank you note. She thanked Elizabeth and stated that she couldn't keep on top of everything without her good help.

Thank You Elizabeth for your great customer service!

Giver: Jen Marlin

Receiver: Abby Sears

I just want to give an overall shout out to Abby!  She wears many hats and always impresses me with her work ethic and ability to get it all done!  Thanks for being such a strong and inspiring woman at Farmers... it doesn't go unrecognized!

Giver: Joni Snyder

Receiver: Tom Reicks

Tom has done a great job mastering the Ag Annual Reviews and Requests.  During this renewal season, Tom has taken the majority of the Ag Requests & has done a great job on them.  Keep up the good work!

Giver: Amy Ganoe

Receiver: Dan Ramirez

Dan has proven to be a valuable addition to our team, demonstrating initiative in supporting staff and branch operations during crucial moments.  With no banking experience prior, he adeptly handles challenging tasks and difficult customers with grace and etiquette. Dan's willingness to ask questions and learn new things makes us thrilled to have him on our team.

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