June Compliments

Madisen Ryan Shepard
July 5, 2023

See below for all the compliments given in June. This month had the most compliments given in Q2! Keep up the great work and continue to recognize your coworkers for all the great things they do!

The randomly selected winners of the $25 Amazon gift card are Hilary Denk (receiver) and Haleigh Sperfslage (giver). Congratulations!

Giver: Jen Marlin

Receiver: Ben Saak

Ben does a great job of sending referrals to Premier.  Today, after sending Brandon a referral, Ben kindly asked me if he could send referrals to me as well.  He wanted to make sure he was including me if that was something I was doing.  I thought it was very thoughtful of Ben to consider this and ask me.  Good job Ben!

Giver: Ben Saak

Receiver: Tiffany Garrison

Tiffany does a great job caring for her coworkers and recognizing when things should be changed. She helps when others have a lot on their plate and makes sure the correct procedures are then followed in the future. Thanks Tiffany!

Giver: Nick Delagardelle

Receiver: Jason Klein

Just wanted to give a shout out to Jason Klein for making the Loan Request process more efficient with the CA's. The form that is utilized in OnBase now makes that process even easier. Great work Jason!

Giver: Nick Delagardelle

Receiver: Abby Sears

Shout out to Abby for helping with an Estate deposit account for a customer. She had the documentation completed in what seemed like 5 minutes and we were able to get the account all set up in the same day. She's always willing to help with ACH, I-banking or whatever my issues are. Thank you Abby!

Giver: Lauren Becker

Receiver: Bob Hansen

We have loved having Bob at our branch on Thursdays! He is always so positive and willing to help wherever he can. It is also fun and nice having someone here from Premier so we can ask questions, get feedback and advice for different opportunities and conversations! He is here for our monthly Thursday meetings and always brings positive energy and feedback. He has been a great weekly asset to our team! We appreciate him and his hard work very much!

Giver: Kate Reicherts

Receiver: Meridith Cuvelier

Jacey and I were contacted by Habitat that a homeowner had recently taken a 2nd mortgage with Dupaco bank and they had discovered they were in a flood zone. They were wondering if they could add her policy to the escrow here, and we realized that while Habitat verifies at build time that the property is not in a flood zone, there is no life of loan tracking we are now working with Habitat and compliance to address.

To proactively get ahead of the issue, Meridith looked in to the properties potentially in the flood zones, and was able to discover the homeowner that Dupaco was having pay flood in fact had a LOMA and was not required to pay the insurance. She gathered all the proof to give to the homeowner and we were contacted today that they indeed were able to save $600+ annually on unneeded insurance and getting the policy cancelled. I appreciate the time taken to help when the mistake was not ours to help empower our Habitat homeowners. Great job Meridith!

Giver: Tina Hogan

Receiver: Lauren Woods

Lauren played a huge role in the implementation of the new RC phone system.  Here attention to detail and overall leadership on the project and with the VB team was instrumental in the overall success of the project!  Thank you Lauren for your hard work on the project!

Giver: Nick Maas

Receiver: Josh Nolan

Smash Park needed a copy of their appraisal for Omaha. It was a huge file. I was out of office with the IBA. Josh Nolan offered to send the compressed file to the customer. It was a time sensitive request ad Josh helped immensely. Thank you Josh!

Giver: Haleigh Sperfslage

Receiver: Rachel Denicus

Steve B. is the listing agent for an upcoming purchase and voiced his appreciation on his experience working with Rachel below: "Thank you for being so on top of this! Very refreshing to have things organized after 2 deals w/Veridian and Greenstate that were a mess!"

Thank you for quick communication skills along with providing great service to our realtors, Rachel!

Giver: Heidi Abben

Receiver: Bob Hansen and Nolan Tomlinson

Bob Hansen and Nolan Tomlinson were such a great help with the W-SR Girls Soccer Banquet. The team came in 2nd at State Soccer this year. FSB donated the meat and those boys jumped right in to help me grill for this event.  It was HOT, but they are troopers.  All of the families and coaches were SO appreciative to FSB for making their night so special and I appreciated the help!   Great team work and wonderful community support!!

Giver: Lauren Woods

Receiver: Josh Nolan

Thank you Josh for being at our beck and call throughout the implementation of Ring Central Contact Center. We've had a significant number of issues with our headsets for VB, and he's been instrumental in finding a solution that works for us. Thanks Josh for being so easy to work with!

Giver: Catherine Shafer

Receiver: Hilary Denk

One of my professional goals for the year is to get a better understanding of some of the business units in the Bank that I have previously had very little exposure (ML and Deposit). Hilary took time out of her day to walk me through the ML application process, Encompass, and a variety of procedural questions I had for her. I really appreciated her insight!

Giver: Catherine Shafer

Receiver: Neal Keegan

One of my professional goals for the year is to get a better understanding of some of the business units in the Bank that I have previously had very little exposure (ML and Deposit). Neal took time out of his day to walk me through Real Estate Lending policy, underwriting, and other general mortgage questions. He is very knowledge and made the learning experience very relatable and easy to follow. I appreciate the time he took!

Giver: Kristin Walters

Receiver: Austin Harris

Rachel W. called in yesterday inquiring about discounted Lost Island Waterpark Tickets. She wanted to give Austin a gold star. Austin went above and beyond his scope of work to help people coming in from out of town. He even looked up addresses for them. Rachel and her party wanted to make sure people knew the awesome customer service that Austin gave.

Giver: Jordan Nomansen

Receiver: Lane Budde

Needed a quick loan review prior to closing the same afternoon. Lane jumped in the docs immediately while I worked on the checklist. Caught one error, and we had everything buttoned up 20 minutes prior to closing. Thanks Lane!

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