Meridith Cuvelier
March 1, 2024

Thanks to all who played and enjoyed the custom FSB connections in honor of Leap Day 2024!

Puzzle #1, 2, and 3 had multiple people with the lowest scores of completing the puzzles on the first try with no incorrect guesses!!! They were put into a randomizer and the following were selected:

Josh Rekers, Dana Hummel, and Lizzy Weber

  • Puzzle #4 proved to be more difficult with a low score of 8 incorrect guesses by TP's very own Caleb Rosonke.
  • We also can't forget the person who never quit - Emily Mahoney with 88 guesses until she brought it home.

Prizes will make it to you some way somehow - you'll never know.

See you in another 4 years 😃

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